Female and male plumbers using trenchless plumbing technique to repair pipes

Water and Sewer Line Problems That Can Be Solved By Trenchless Pipe Repair

Fix Underground Plumbing Issues Without Digging Up the Yard

Of all of the problems that can arise in the plumbing system of a home or business, underground water and sewer line problems are probably the most crippling. Not only will there be a loss of plumbing service until repairs are made, but traditionally, the repair or replacement process will be costly and require invasive excavation to access the affected pipes. 

However, with trenchless repair and replacement, repairing water and sewer lines has never been faster, easier, or less invasive. During trenchless pipe repair, technicians use special machinery and methods to replace or repair pipes without digging up large sections of landscaping or removing slabs and driveways. Since the process is faster and requires less invasive techniques, it is often cheaper than traditional repairs. Here are some specific problems that can be addressed by trenchless pipe repair or replacement. 

Pipes Damaged By Freezing and Thawing Cycles

When temperatures drop below freezing, plumbing pipes exposed to the elements can become damaged from frozen water. As the water in these pipes freezes, it expands and causes pressure on the pipe walls. This pressure can often break apart or crack the pipe material, resulting in costly repairs for property owners. 

Trenchless methods are a cost-effective and efficient way to repair pipes damaged due to freezing and thawing cycles. This method does not require digging trenches, which can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, a flexible tube can be inserted into the pipe, which inflates when pressurized with air or water, pushing against the walls of the existing line to reinforce it. The flexible lining is then hardened, providing a secure and watertight seal that can last for years without needing to dig up the pipe.

Leaks That Occur Due to Improper Pipe Installation

Plumber repairing an underground pipeLeaks in underground sewer or water lines can have serious consequences that can cause significant water damage and high water bills. Hidden leaks are particularly dangerous because they are difficult to detect and often go unchecked for long periods. This type of leak is common when there has been improper pipe installation.

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement allow for more efficient and less disruptive repairs to underground pipes, and plumbers can determine which would work best once they identify the issue. Some common techniques used in trenchless pipe repair and replacement include cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), slip lining, and pipe bursting. 

Pipes That Have Cracked or Burst

Showing pipe relining trenchless technique under a resident's lawnWhen a sewer or water line becomes cracked or bursts underground, it can cause significant damage to the surrounding area. Not only will this cause an unsightly mess, but it can also be expensive and time-consuming to fix. Fortunately, trenchless methods can address these problems without needing to excavate long trenches to repair them.

Pipes that are underground can crack or burst due to a variety of causes, including age-related deterioration, corrosion, extreme weather conditions, and tree roots that have grown into the pipe. In order to determine the source of damage, it is essential to consult with a plumbing professional who can assess the situation and make the necessary repairs.

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FAQs About Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

What is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

Sewer line repair and replacement often require invasive repairs. Since most of these lines are located in basements and underground in the yard, the pipes must be exposed so they can be repaired. This can mean that entire yards will need to be trenched, and concrete work will need to be removed to reach the pipe. Trenchless sewer line repairs offer a better way and make sewer line repair much less costly, easier, and less invasive. Here is some information from local experts regarding trenchless sewer repairs. 

How Do Trenchless Repairs Work?

Trenchless sewer line repairs take advantage of methods that use existing pipework to make repairs. A plumber can use several trenchless methods, and they all have different uses for different situations. The most common types of trenchless sewer line repair are: 

  • Pipe Bursting: Pipe bursting uses existing sewer pipe as a guide to break the old pipe and replace it with a new pipe. Powerful hydraulics pull a cable and the bursting head through old metal or clay pipe. As the existing pipe is broken, a new pipe is pulled into its place, resulting in a brand-new sewer line. 
  • Slip Lining: Slip lining is excellent for larger-diameter pipes that are leaking. Slip lining allows plumbers to pull a new liner into an existing line. The new hybrid pipe retains the structural integrity of the old pipe with the efficiency and effectiveness of the new pipe. 
  • Cured-in-Place: CIPP is similar to slip lining except that instead of lining pipes with a new plastic liner, a fiberglass sleeve is pulled into the existing pipe. From there, epoxy is added to make the sleeve a strong and resilient pipe that follows the exact path of the old pipe. 

Which Issues Can Trenchless Pipe Repairs Fix?

trenchlessWith the versatility of trenchless pipe repair, nearly any problem in a sewer line can be fixed conveniently. Common issues that lead to the need for sewer line repairs are:

  • Corrosion and rust
  • Minor pipe misalignment from shifting soil
  • Tree roots cracking pipes
  • Leaks in piping, especially clay, plastic, and cast iron pipes 

Qualified plumbers can use trenchless sewer line repair to fix any of these problems. Not only can trenchless methods be used for quick repairs, but the repairs are also expected to last at least as long as conventional sewer line repair methods. 

What are the Benefits of Trenchless Repair?

saveTrenchless sewer line repair is popular because of its convenience compared to traditional sewer line repair methods. Some of the benefits of trenchless sewer repair are: 

  • It saves time and money
  • It doesn’t damage the landscaping as much
  • It prevents the need to dig up yards and driveways 
  • And finally, it fixes the sewer line issue  

Instead of having to dig large trenches to access the sewer line, trenchless repair typically requires only two access holes. From these two points, plumbers can completely restore sewer service and rid homeowners of their sewer line problems. 

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How to Find the Best Sewer Line Repair Company For You

Finding a Reliable Sewer Line Repair Company

Homeowners should find the most highly trained and experienced water line company when dealing with big issues like sewer line repairs. Not only do they make it easier to locate and minimize damage, but also they should have top-of-the-line equipment with the latest technology to complete the most efficient service possible. But how can homeowners find them, and what should they look for?

In this article, sewer line repair experts answer these questions and ensure homeowners have the tools to make the best choice. 

Is a Professional Really Needed?

plumber Issues related to sewer line repair are often complicated problems requiring exceptional care and service. Why? Because in the event of a mistake or untreated repairs, extensive damage can be done to the home. These leaky sewer lines prevent homeowners from using their fixtures, such as toilets and sinks, and the leaking water can cause extensive damage inside and around the home.

Attempting a DIY fix or working with someone who is not experienced or trained can result in serious injuries and can even cause permanent and costly damage to the pipes. 

Professional sewer line repair involves several types of services. If there is a pipe collapse, then a full excavation would be required. This would entail the removal of the old pipe system and replacing it with a new one. The same can be said for minor sewer line leaks. Expertise is needed to get the job done right. 

Spend Time Researching Companies

reviewsWhen dealing with sewer line issues, homeowners must do their due diligence and find a company that best fits their needs. However, locating them online with so many options can be difficult. That’s why most homeowners should always start by asking family, friends, and trusted neighbors. They’ve likely had to deal with these issues before, and because they’re in the same area, they’ll have a trusted sewer repair service company to call on.

If no one has a recommendation, it’s time to leverage online search. It’s important to read reviews and look for ones that mention the quality of service, if customers were satisfied with the work provided, and whether or not the work lasted. 

Finally, it’s also important that the company has the appropriate insurance, certifications, and licensing. Sewer line repair is already challenging, and having a company without any coverage puts a home at risk and will be stressful. 

Keep Important Questions in Mind

Once a few companies have been found, don’t hesitate to contact them. They are often very willing and available to discuss any concerns or issues and answer any questions related to the sewer line leak repair they provide. 

It’s necessary to get a good idea of what the company can do to help alleviate sewer line repair issues. Some questions to ask:

  • How many years of experience does the company have working on sewer line repairs?
  • What are the specific methods used to repair sewer lines?
  • Are they any types of pipes the company specializes in?
  • How soon could the repair or replacement begin, and how long would it take?

If they seem like a good fit, they will likely suggest a consultation which is highly recommended before starting the project. Based on the research and estimates, homeowners can make the best decision for their homes. 

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The Dangers of Outdoor Pipe Clogs

What You Need To Know About Outdoor Plumbing Clogs

With the average homeowner spending almost 2,000 dollars a year on lawn care, it almost seems like a no-brainer for them to also invest in servicing their underground pipes. Underground pipe clogs are just as prevalent as leaky faucets. 

A clogged pipe underground can potentially flood a yard, wreak havoc on a home's foundation, or destroy the landscaping. Therefore, understanding outdoor plumbing and having it checked and serviced can help catch potential issues early and prevent homeowners from spending money on costly repairs. 

What Types of Plumbing Are Under the Grass?


When most think about plumbing, they usually think about bathroom plumbing or the main sewer and water lines. These main pipes are crucial, and it is advantageous to keep an eye on them, but many homeowners forget about the plumbing used outside or for the additions on their property.

Some main lines, if not indoors, can be found underground. Outdoor plumbing is used for sprinklers, pools, landscape drains, and other fixtures. These can be just as significant as main pipes because if any have a pipe clog, it could spell just as much trouble for the owners.  

Why Outdoor Pipes Become Clogged

To protect their pipes, homeowners should understand why their pipes can become clogged in the first place. One reason for drain clogs is build-up from whatever substance the line moves. For instance, water has calcium and other minerals that build up in the water pipe to form sediment blockages over time. 

The same goes for the sewer lines, as grease and other waste can get caught and begin to build on the sides of the piping. There can also be buildups from dirt, chlorine from a pool, leaves, or other debris if there is a landscape drain on the property. 

Ways to Clear Tough Clogs

clogsOnce an underground pipe is clogged, plumbers are needed to ensure there is no damage to the pipe and that the clog gets fully dissolved. There are a few different ways to professionally clear a pipe clog.

The first way is by attaching a blow bag to a water source like a hose and then inserting it into the blocked pipe. This device uses water pressure to break up blockages in the affected pipes.

The second way is by snaking or cable rodding. This solution works by pushing a metal hose through the pipe until it meets the clog. Then to fix the clog, the rod pokes at the blockage until it is completely dissolved. 

Another way to clear a pipe clog is a combination of the two previous methods called hydrojetting. This method uses high-velocity water pressure through a nozzle that works its way through the pipe, quickly dissolving clogs and build-up.   

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Are You Spending Time Outdoors on the Year’s Longest Day?

Did you know that June 21st is going to be the longest day of 2019? The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere is when we say goodbye to spring and hello to summer.

Cultures all over the world have been celebrating the solstice for hundreds of years. How will you celebrate? Whatever you do, make sure you spend at least a few minutes soaking up the extra sunshine on the summer solstice.

The days will slowly begin to grow shorter after June 21st, so enjoy the extra daylight while you can! If you don’t already have outdoor activities planned for the kickoff to summer, try out some of our low-cost water activities, at Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning we just want you to have fun!

Bring Your Sprinklers Into the Mix

sprinklerandslideOn a hot summer day, few things will cool you down as quickly as running through the sprinkler. The activity is a childhood favorite, but it’s not just for kids.

Make some memories with your kids and cool down at the same time by turning on your sprinklers and racing through them together.

No kids? No problem! Position your sprinkler to mist your feet when you’re lounging in your favorite lawn chair. It’ll help keep you cool as you enjoy some extra time in the sunshine.

And don’t worry, no one will judge you if you take a solo-jog through the spray. Your sprinkler will be pulling double duty because you’ll be putting some water on your thirsty lawn while you and/or your kids play in the yard. It’s a great way to conserve water and enjoy a hot summer day.

Hose Fights Are Always Fun

hosefightsIf you choose to spend part of the longest day working on your yard, chances are you’ll be pretty tired and hot by the time you finish.

Start a playful hose fight with your kids or your spouse to keep your family from combusting.

You’ll cool down even faster with a blast from the hose than you would with the coldest, crispest glass of lemonade. If you want to cut down on the water that you use for your game, arm your family with water guns.

While you’re all chasing each other around the yard emptying your squirt gun tanks, you’ll also be watering your freshly cut grass. You won’t have to worry about your water use if the stray droplets are feeding your yard.

Set Up Water Balloon Battles

waterballoonsfightYou can get into a lot of different shenanigans with water balloons. You can spend your extra daylight filling water bombs and surprising friends who walk past your yard. No doubt, they’ll be delighted at being cooled down, once they get over the shock of the splash.

If your kids are getting restless indoors, you can set them up for a water balloon fight against each other. They’ll be delighted to have a basket full of their own, unique color of balloons.

You could even have them invite friends over to strengthen their teams. The cost of water balloons, even if you purchase a few different colors, is quite minimal in exchange for keeping your kids occupied for a bit. Your kids will have a blast lobbing water balloons at each other.

If you want to really surprise them, pull out your own batch of balloons to join in on the fun. They’ll never forget the time that mom and dad joined in on the water balloon war. To wrap up the game, you can offer a refreshing treat, like ice cream or a popsicle, to kids who work hard to clean up the balloon debris. Encourage your kids to find each little piece so that no animal accidentally tries to eat it.

Summer Solstice Celebration

We only get to celebrate the longest day of the year, well, once a year! It’ll be a whole year before we have such a long, sunny day again, so make sure that you take advantage of it with some fun outdoor activities, inspired by your outdoor plumbing.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. You can stretch your buck further if you hold your water activities in your yard so that your grass can benefit from the games too.