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The professionals at Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning provide a wide array of plumbing services for your Kearns, UT home. Keeping your home's plumbing working well encourages a more comfortable living experience. We are available to you around the clock to make sure that your pipes, water heater and drains are all working to the best of their ability to provide this experience for you and your loved ones. Count on us to provide you with quality plumbing, water heater, and drain cleaning services. We strive to leave you 100% satisfied.

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What Are the Key Benefits of Professional Water Leak Detection Services?

Finding a leak that you might have otherwise missed and would have gone unnoticed means that you will be saving money over time. If you pay for your water or get your water from a well, you're still paying for each gallon that comes into the home through a water pump.

You can prevent a lot of future water damage and flooding by having water leak detection done within the home. Even a small leak can cause a ton of water damage, ruining and destroying floorboards and walls in the area of the leak.

By getting water leak detection, you are also preventing future pest and termite problems. Termites love wet, rotting wood. Flooding in an area can make it a prime feeding and breeding ground for these insects.

Detecting a leak means that it will be fixed quickly. Fixing the problem prevents mold from growing in the area that could otherwise become an enormous problem. Mold can be dangerous to live around, especially for people who have breathing problems.

What Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

When you have issues with the drain system in your home, it could cause an unsanitary and uncomfortable situation for the whole family. One way to tell if you're dealing with drain clogs is if you see backup any time you use water or flush the toilet. Gurgling sounds and other loud whistling noises coming from the drains themselves could be a sign that the drains are clogged and need to be expertly cleaned by our plumbers.

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Does Your Water Heater Need Repairs or Replacement?

If your shower heads and faucets suddenly stop producing hot water, you could be having issues with the water heater. Many people will notice a gradual change in their hot water in the home, since it will start off very hot and gradually get lukewarm and cold quite quickly. If you're noticing any of these things, you may want to think about contacting our experts to have the water heater repaired or replaced with a new tank or model so that it can provide the home with adequate hot water.

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