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Water Softener Installation Services in Salt Lake City, Utah

Did you know that the film or coating on all those cleaned dishes, clothes, skin, hair, appliances and plumbing fixtures is all from hard water? Combat hard water with a new water softener installation. The skilled technicians at Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning can help you with professional installation. We serve customers throughout Salt Lake County and Utah County.

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What Problems Can a Water Softener Solve?

Hard water can lead to nasty problems for the plumbing system in your home or business - from clogging your shower head to making all of your drinking fountains turn white from scale buildup.

One of the most annoying things about hard water is that itch you have when you get out of a nice shower or bath. There is a way to get rid of all of that. The reliable team at Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is here to help you solve this problem.

A water softener will make sure that all of your dishes stay clean and that you have less buildup on your faucets. And even better - your skin won't feel as itchy after a shower.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

In rural areas, minerals such as calcium and magnesium infiltrate the water supply creating what we know as "hard water".  These minerals create all sorts of problems including bad tasting (and smelling) water, itchy skin, calcium buildup in your showers and sinks, and more. A water softener comes to the rescue by neutralizes these harmful minerals.

Is a Water Softener Right For You?

There are several types of water softeners, and having a qualified technician come out to your home for an inspection is the best way to know what options are right for you.  We will help you find the right size and the right type of unit for your specific needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning offer personalized solutions and expert service at a fair and upfront price. Our experienced, respectful technicians get the job done right the first time and don't leave a mess when they leave. In fact, it is our goal to leave your house cleaner than we found it. We believe in educating our customers to make sure you can make the best decision for you and your home. By providing 24-7 emergency service, we give you peace of mind that if disaster strikes you have a reliable team to turn to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there really a difference between hard water and soft?

Yes, there is a significant between soft and hard water:

  1. Hard water is full of high levels of minerals.  The hardness of your water is determined by the area you live in and what is in the soil the water is traveling through.  Hard water is the kryptonite of plumbing.  It can cause many different issues within your plumbing system and should be considered whenever you are having plumbing issues.
  2. Soft water is the exact opposite of hard water.  You have lower levels of minerals in your water.  You will find that soap goes farther and you have less buildup on your plumbing fixtures.

Plumbers can help you with the hardness of your water with a multitude of various solutions.  If you have had a bad experience with soft water in the past, know there are other ways to solve the problem to give you a better experience.

Whether you are looking to install a new water softener, or you need to repair or replace your current one, give us a call at 801-341-4222. We will make sure you find the ideal unit for your unique situation. Find out why homeowners and business owners in Salt Lake City, UT turn to us for their water softener needs.