Effective Salt Lake City Frozen Water Line Repair

Have the freezing temperatures done a number on your water line? Give us a call at 801-341-4222 to get an immediate repair from our reliable, expert team in Salt Lake City, West Jordan, UT and the surrounding areas. Fix a frozen water line fast with Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning. 

Frozen Water Line Repair in Salt Lake City, Utah

Frozen water lines are a pain in the neck, and unfortunately a problem all too familiar to many homeowners in Salt Lake and Utah County areas. Luckily, you have a plumber you can trust ready to unfreeze your pipes in no time. Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning technicians provide exceptional, reliable service at any time of day. 24/7 emergency service is one of our many benefits, so you can have peace of mind even in the midst of a crisis.

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How to Tell if Your Pipes Are Frozen

What’s tricky about frozen lines is that the problem is not always obvious. In many cases, the issue remains hidden until we have a frozen or burst pipe. This can cause a significant amount of damage not only to your home, but to your yard as well, and result in costly clean-ups. However, there are some signs that may cue you in on a problem:

  • Slow-moving water. If the water flowing from your faucets and shower heads is moving at a slower rate than normal, call a licensed plumber trained in diagnosing these problems.
  • Odd sounds. There may be bubbling noises when you flush the toilet or turn on the sink. Whistling or clanking could indicate a pipe is dented and the water cannot easily pass through.
  • Icy pipes. When frost forms on your pipes that is a dead giveaway that there is an issue.
  • Bulging pipes. If your pipe is bulging like a python that has just had lunch, your pipes could be frozen.

If You Have Frozen Pipes

To minimize the damage, it is important to take the following steps if you have a frozen pipe:

  • Turn off the water main: Too much pressure on frozen pipes can cause the pipes to burst. If the water is on and the pipes do burst, flooding can be significant.
  • Thaw the ice if the affected pipe is visible: Put your hairdryer or space heater to work to thaw the ice in the exposed pipe.
  • Call a licensed plumber immediately: If you notice your water is flowing slower than normal, you may have a frozen pipe. Take care of the issue before serious damage ensues.

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How to Prevent Them From Freezing in the First Place

The average frost line depth is about 36 inches in both Salt Lake County and Utah County. This means that to keep the main water line in your front yard from freezing, you need to make sure it is buried deep enough.

People often ask us why they have a frozen line one year, but not the next. There are many reasons for this, as well as different solutions. Mainly, it has to do with how cold your pipes get and if you have water flowing through the system. In some cases, a simple fix will do the job, and other times you will need to change how your piping is run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Should I Do If My Pipes Freeze?

If your pipes freeze, it is very important to act fast so this problem doesn’t turn into a bigger issue.

  1. The most effective thing you can do to help with frozen pipes is to get warm air to them.  Open up cupboards and make sure any frozen pipe has warm air going to them.
  2. Make sure you are keeping an eye on your system watching for any water leaks.

To ensure healthy pipes, take good care to make sure they are well insulated and buried deep. If you suspect your pipes have frozen, give us a call immediately at 801-341-4222. Our licensed, highly-trained professionals in Salt Lake City, West Jordan, UT and the surrounding areas will take care of the problem to prevent serious damage.