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If your drains are constantly clogging and emitting a foul odor, a professional drain cleaning is the solution. Call the expert team at Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning at (801) 341-4222 and receive $25 off drain cleaning services.

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At Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, our licensed plumbers have the expertise to detect leaks in pipes and fixtures within Alta, UT homes. Leak detection tests can save clients money on water bills and minimize the need to replace entire sections of supply or drain pipes. It's also good to use professional drain cleaning services that prevent unpleasant clogs from forming in toilets and sinks. Any problems with gas or electric water heaters can be inspected and repaired promptly by our trained plumbers.

For all your Alta plumbing, water heater, and drain cleaning services, trust Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning. We promise to deliver long term solutions that leave you 100% satisfied.

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Advantages of Water Leak Detection Services

Investing in water leak detection services is highly beneficial for homeowners. Here are just some of the perks:

  • Save money. A leaky pipe can cost homeowners extra on the monthly water bill. A leak detection test could ultimately save clients money on those expensive utility charges.
  • Prevent damage. Leaks in cold and hot water pipes could directly damage fiberboard and other materials that are laid out in between floors and walls. Detecting a leak can prevent some structural issues from getting worse.
  • Avert the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew might grow rampantly in areas that accumulate a lot of moisture even from minor leaks in pipes and fixtures. Leak detection services could identify spots that are prone to the growth of unpleasant and hazardous mold.
  • Detect hidden leaks. Leaks in water supply pipes weaken the flow rate in fixtures such as faucets, toilet tank refill valves, and shower heads. Once a leak is detected, it can be fixed and proper water pressure should be restored.

What Are Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

A clog in a toilet bowl, bathtub or sink indicates the need for drain cleaning services done by professional plumbers. Sometimes, toilet bowls are removed to thoroughly remove any clogs from the drain's trap. Traps underneath sinks might have to be disassembled for proper cleaning.

A loud gurgling sound during a toilet flush indicates problems with the drain. Water is not being forced downward fast enough because of wastes that might be stuck to the interior of the drain pipes. Additionally, foul odors that come from sinks and toilet bowls indicate the presence of wastes that have to be cleaned out of drains. Sometimes, rooftop vent stacks that connect to drain pipes have to be properly cleaned to rid your system of foul smells.

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Does Your Water Heater Need To Be Repaired or Replaced?

When the hot water handle is turned on and cool water flows out of the faucet, there is a clear problem with the water heater. Similarly, hot water might flow for a few seconds only to be followed by a cooler water when water heaters aren't working properly. Gas burners or heating elements should be inspected and repaired if necessary to ensure proper operation.

A weak flow of hot water through fixtures also indicates issues with a water heater. It is possible that the storage tanks are leaking or clogged with solid deposits such as mineral scale from hard water. Other factors to consider include:

  • Unit requires frequent repairs and is older than 15 years.
  • Unit produces little to no hot water.
  • Apparent leaks coming from the unit.
  • Smelly and/or brown water from the tank.

If you experience any of these symptoms, call us right away and one of our plumbers will be dispatched to your home immediately.

Local Reviews
for Alta, UT

Chandlyr T.

Chandlyr T.

We will replace the hose bib that had froze and split. We need a 24 inch hose bib. We will install the hose bib. We have a one year warranty on our parts. We were able to cut the old hose bib out and install a new 24 inch Woodford hose bib. It was in pex. We had access inside of the house to the hose bib. We installed it and made sure there were no leaks. We made them aware to make sure it drains properly to prevent it from freezing. We have a one year warranty on our parts.

Near Powder Run Rd, Alta, UT 84092
Tom A.

Tom A.

Homeowner had left garden hose attached to the hose spigot and the hose spigot had frozen over night. We will shut off the isolation valve to the hose spigot and attempt to dethaw the spigot. Spigot was able to dethaw but was unable to be repaired. We replaced the hose spigot with a new frost free model. This required us to partially chip out the masonry in the mud room. Homeowner is responsible for the repair to the masonry. 1 year warranty on parts and labor. Does not cover frozen pipes or abuse/neglect. We left the isolation valve inside off and the hose spigot in the mud room open.

Near E Peruvian Acre Rd, Alta, UT 84092

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