Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Are My Drains Making Bubbling Noises or Gurgling?

This is a typical sign that you’re experiencing a blockage in your drains or sewer line. As such, water is draining more slowly down the pipes, and the resulting noise comes from water flowing unevenly from being disrupted by an obstruction. Be sure to call your local plumber for a professional cleaning.

Q: Why Is My Sewer Still Blocked Despite Repeated Cleanings?

This is because the company that provided cleaning didn’t address the underlying issue. Chances are your cleaner didn't fully break apart and get rid of the clog. In such cases, a more appropriate cutter or hydro jetting is highly recommended. Your sewer line may also have recurring clogging issues because the piping may have separated underground or cracked, allowing the system to be clogged by dirt and debris. Alternatively, erosion or settling may have altered the pipes' angle and prevented them from draining properly. With our specialized camera inspection equipment, we can identify the actual problem and sort it out right away, once and for all.

Q: What Is the Best Drain Cleaning Method?

The best drain cleaning method depends on several factors including the issue you’re having with your pipes and the age of your pipes. If you have a blocked drain, you may want to hire a professional to clean them with an auger or drain snake. In other cases, you should consider a high-pressure water jet. Again, only a professional has the skill and experience to handle this for you.

Q: Do I Need Professional Help or Should I Just Use a Chemical Liquid Drain Cleaner?

Chemical drain cleaners may work well for minor clogs but prolonged use makes them unsafe for your pipes. They typically contain harsh and corrosive chemicals that can eventually damage your pipes and leave toxic residue and fumes.

Q: What Can I Do If My Garbage Disposal Is Jammed?

Once you notice you have a jammed disposal, stop using it. Be sure to flick the power switch to the off position then locate the reset button on the unit’s bottom. Press the reset button then switch the power back on – that should get your disposal back up and running. If that doesn’t work, give us a call so we can take a closer look.

Q: Why Is My Bathroom Drain Draining Slowly?

Hair. Gunk. Food. Among other things. These build up in the traps of bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers, forcing water to slowly go through all that mess. Experts advise using mechanical means of clearing drains because chemicals are toxic, harmful to the environment, and can cause more problems than they fix. If you need professional help, we’re happy to send someone over to help you unclog a drain.

Q: Why Does My Hot Water System Have Low Water Pressure?

If you have pressure problems with your hot water and not your cold water, the issue could likely be your water heater. Check to make sure the shut-off valve to your heater is fully open. If the valve was fully open, try draining the tank to get rid of sediment from within the tank. If that doesn’t work, you may have to call a plumber to replace your water heater’s plumbing connections.

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