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The last thing a homeowner wants to deal with is plumbing trouble. Adopting a maintenance plan is the best approach to keep complications at bay, but you could still run into issues from time to time. If you’re faced with plumbing problems such a clogged toilet, burst pipe, or garbage disposal repair, count on Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning to be your reliable plumber.

Our team of dedicated, experienced plumbers is equipped with the tools and means to diagnose and remedy plumbing issues of all complications. Trust us for your Pleasant Grove, UT home's plumbing, water heater, and drain cleaning services. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal and gratification.

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What Are the Benefits of Water Leak Detection Services?

Preventative care is just as important for your home as it is for your car or your own body. That is why when it comes to your water systems, from pools to plumbing, that you find leaks early with leak detection services. Consider these benefits of water leak detection services:

  • Prevents damage: By detecting leaks early, you prevent the damage that they can cause throughout your home. Water leaks, even small ones, can lead to the softening of drywall, rotting of floorboards, and even damage to items you may have stored beneath or near the dripping water.
  • Averts mold: Mold can be especially dangerous for your health, and it can grow in places you may not see. All it needs is a moist, damp environment, one that your leaking pipes will easily provide.
  • Catch potential problems early: Small leaks can become something much worse if allowed to persist. They can also be a sign of a much bigger problem that has not made itself known yet. Leak detection services let you find and eliminate these issues.
  • Thoroughness: Some do-it-yourselfers have the attitude that they should be able to manage all maintenance in their home, but without the training and equipment, a homeowner is unlikely to successfully check for leaks unless they put holes in their walls, floors, and ceilings.

When Do You Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

Clogged drains can be a serious problem and even cause unfortunate back-ups and smell in your home. Many homeowners like to think they can handle the unclogging on their own, but trained professionals know how to handle minor and major clogs in your system. So, how do you recognize you have a problem that requires a professional? Look out for these signs:

  • Repeated clogging: Even after you've managed to clean your drain, the clogs just seem to keep coming back. That's a sign there is a problem that requires specialized tools and techniques.
  • Multiple slow or clogged drains: This is a sign you have a problem with more than just one drain in your home and that the clog is likely deep into your water drainage system.
  • Smelling sewage: This can be a sign of much more serious problems. While a sewage smell could possibly be a severely backed-up drain, it may also indicate a broken or damaged sewer line.
  • Flooding: This is one of the more common signs of a plugged drain. When water begins to pool in your basement or in a room beneath a bathroom or other room with plumbing, you can bet that somewhere above the pooled water is a clogged drain.

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Signs You Need To Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

Finding out your water heater needs to be replaced or repaired can mean a sudden cold shower or even the cause of some serious problems with your plumbing system. Early detection can help you prepare for replacement costs and avoid unfortunate surprises. That is why it is so important to learn the signs that your water heater needs to be serviced.

  • No hot water: If you are experiencing unexpected cold showers, you may have a problem with your water heater. A professional can tell you whether the problem is simply a pilot light, power problem or if your heater needs to be replaced.
  • Muddy water or sediment: Hot water that has become muddy or has pieces of sediment floating around indicate potential failure of your water heater.
  • Unusual smells and tastes: If your water has begun to smell or taste metallic, your water heater is likely nearing its last days and is due for a replacement.
  • Odd noises and water: If you are hearing strange sounds from your water heater or noticing leaked water where none had leaked before, your heater likely needs a check-up, if not a replacement.

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Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 31 customer reviews

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Great Service!

Review of Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

Ian was great and very accommodating.

Pleasant GroveUT84062 40.365-111.7625

Map of Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Great plumber and customer service

Review of Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

Pleasant GroveUT84062 40.4125-111.7525

Map of Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Punctual and Professional

Review of Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

Luis came out and got my bathroom in working order.

Pleasant GroveUT84062 40.365-111.71

Map of Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Shower valve repair

Review of Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

Great service. Came quickly and took care of the plumbing issue. Thanks!

Pleasant GroveUT84062 40.375-111.7475

Map of Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Friendly, fast and job well done!

Review of Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

Luis was personable from the start and very considerate of our facilty by wiping up any foot prints he left on the floor and sweeping/cleaning the area fixed. I continue to use Valley Plumbing because of people like Luis!

Pleasant GroveUT84062 40.355-111.7475

McKay B.

McKay B.

Removed the leaking 50 gallon water heater from the basement utility closet and disposed of it in the proper manner. I then installed a brand new 50 gallon water heater and hooked it up with a tank booster on top of it before connecting the waterlines. This price included the cost of the water heater itself as well as the new expansion tank it needed it also includes the cost of the tank booster as well as all labor required to complete the work. The water heater comes with a six-year manufacture warranty as well as a one year warranty on all parts and labor under Valley plumbing.

Near N 500 E St, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
McKay B.

McKay B.

I replaced a 5 foot section of cast iron pipe in the crawlspace of the home connecting the kitchen line to the main stack. I ran the line exactly how it was before and tied in back to the main stack using compression fittings and ABS glue. His price include the cost of all parts and labor required to complete the work. Parts and labor warranty for one year.

Near N 745 E, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
Ian C.

Ian C.

I augered the main line with drain machine through the downstairs 3 inch clean-out. I then sent a camera down the line and be sure line is clear and no structural issues with drainage.

Near N 600 W, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
Ian C.

Ian C.

I ran main line machine through toilet flange after removing toilet. I ran machine till I was confident blockage is cleared. There is no warranty on drain cleaning. After I ran send machine. I reset toilet with new wax ring. While toilet was polled, we ran a camera down the line to see if more action was required. I removed a screw that I believe caused the block

Near S 810 W, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
Justin W.

Justin W.

Today, we removed the old ice maker valve and installed a new one to the pex connection within the wall. We reattached the braided supply line from the fridge to the new valve and tested for leaks. We found that the supply line was dripping at both ends between the braided portion of the line and and the hex nuts. Tightening the line did not rectify the drip. We installed a new pex supply line and tested for leaks. No leaks were found from both the new valve and supply line. A new ice maker box and cover plate around the valve were provided with todays install. We also tightened the handles and faucet in the basement bathroom, as they were loose. There is a one year warrantee on the work performed.

Near N 580 E, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

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