Reliable Stop and Waste Valve Repair

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When the temperatures plummet in the winter, your plumbing faces a variety of challenges to stay functioning as it should. This is because freezing temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze up. Pipes dug underground in your lawn are more vulnerable because they are more exposed to the elements and don’t get the benefits of being warmed by a home heating system. This extreme weather could cause your sprinkler system to freeze up. This could lead to bigger issues like leaks and burst pipes that could mean an expensive repair. Our Lehi plumbing experts can handle the specialized job of winterizing your sprinkler system with stop and waste valve installation.

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What Is a Stop and Waste Valve?

If you’re wondering what a sprinkler stop and waste valve are, you’re not alone. They are also known as sprinkler drain valves, which probably gives you a better idea of what it’s for. This appliance is a key irrigation fitting that will help keep your sprinkler line from freezing over in cold weather. A meter key is used to shut the system off and on. So before winter hits, you can set your valve to the off position which will cause all the water to drain from your lines. This step helps protect your lines from freezing over.

When To Replace Stop and Waste Valve

Just like any other appliance in your plumbing, these valves are prone to wear and tear and may need some attention. Here are some signs you need a stop and waste valve replacement:

  • Your irrigation line doesn’t drain while in the off position
  • Your valve is old or you can’t remember the last time it was replaced
  • You still note freezing of your sprinkler line during the winters
  • Your valve leaks

When it comes to installing new sprinkler stop valves, you want to get professional help. Digging around your lawn can cause damage to existing lines and city cables so call us. We’ll ensure your line is up to code and you’ll feel confident knowing your valve was installed by a professional. This means you’ll be sure it’s working exactly as it should.

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