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A sprinkler system is a great way to keep your landscaping looking nice conveniently. Through the use of a complex plumbing system water is distributed throughout your home and makes for a flawless system that operates even without you having to do anything. However, there are specific parts of that plumbing system that ensure you never have any issues, and they include the stop and waste valve. For homeowners in Salt Lake City, where temperatures can reach all-time lows in the winter, a stop and waste valve is essential for protecting your plumbing and keeping your sprinkler system in top shape.

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How Do Stop and Waste Valves Work?

A stop and waste valve is installed on the water main that supplies water to your sprinkler system. When the system is not in use, like in the winter, the valve is closed. This prevents water from passing through and also provides an escape or “waste” for any excess water.
Even when winter temperatures are not in the air, the waste valve helps to keep your sprinkler pump primed by retaining water near the pump, making it easier on your system for operation. Whether you have a sprinkler drain valve installed, or you need quality stop and waste valve installation, you can rely on our plumbers for quality service.

Signs Your Stop & Waste Valve Needs Service

Because your sprinkler system runs under the ground and is generally out of sight, it’s important to be on the lookout for any indication that you need stop and waste valve repair. Some of the most common signs include:

  • High Water Bill: Your sprinkler drain valve is designed to allow the correct amount of water to leak out of your system as needed. If there’s an issue with the valve, it may let out too much water, resulting in higher than usual water bills.
  • Low Water Pressure: Do you have sprinkler heads that are not popping up? A water leak at your stop and waste valve may be dropping the pressure in your entire sprinkler system.
  • Noticeable Leaks: If your waste valve is allowing too much water to escape, you’re going to see water leaks around the water valve, your sprinkler pump, or even in your grass.
  • System Doesn’t Run: A sprinkler system works based on pressure, so if your pump is not getting enough water to prime or if your water supply is too low, your irrigation system won’t turn on at all.
  • Frozen Pipes: Of particular importance to homeowners in Salt Lake City is frozen pipes. The whole point of a sprinkler stop valve is to prevent water from remaining in your plumbing. If your sprinkler system isn't turning on after particularly low temperatures, then your stop and waste valve may be to blame.

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