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The Dangers of Outdoor Pipe Clogs

What You Need To Know About Outdoor Plumbing Clogs

With the average homeowner spending almost 2,000 dollars a year on lawn care, it almost seems like a no-brainer for them to also invest in servicing their underground pipes. Underground pipe clogs are just as prevalent as leaky faucets. 

A clogged pipe underground can potentially flood a yard, wreak havoc on a home's foundation, or destroy the landscaping. Therefore, understanding outdoor plumbing and having it checked and serviced can help catch potential issues early and prevent homeowners from spending money on costly repairs. 

What Types of Plumbing Are Under the Grass?


When most think about plumbing, they usually think about bathroom plumbing or the main sewer and water lines. These main pipes are crucial, and it is advantageous to keep an eye on them, but many homeowners forget about the plumbing used outside or for the additions on their property.

Some main lines, if not indoors, can be found underground. Outdoor plumbing is used for sprinklers, pools, landscape drains, and other fixtures. These can be just as significant as main pipes because if any have a pipe clog, it could spell just as much trouble for the owners.  

Why Outdoor Pipes Become Clogged

To protect their pipes, homeowners should understand why their pipes can become clogged in the first place. One reason for drain clogs is build-up from whatever substance the line moves. For instance, water has calcium and other minerals that build up in the water pipe to form sediment blockages over time. 

The same goes for the sewer lines, as grease and other waste can get caught and begin to build on the sides of the piping. There can also be buildups from dirt, chlorine from a pool, leaves, or other debris if there is a landscape drain on the property. 

Ways to Clear Tough Clogs

clogsOnce an underground pipe is clogged, plumbers are needed to ensure there is no damage to the pipe and that the clog gets fully dissolved. There are a few different ways to professionally clear a pipe clog.

The first way is by attaching a blow bag to a water source like a hose and then inserting it into the blocked pipe. This device uses water pressure to break up blockages in the affected pipes.

The second way is by snaking or cable rodding. This solution works by pushing a metal hose through the pipe until it meets the clog. Then to fix the clog, the rod pokes at the blockage until it is completely dissolved. 

Another way to clear a pipe clog is a combination of the two previous methods called hydrojetting. This method uses high-velocity water pressure through a nozzle that works its way through the pipe, quickly dissolving clogs and build-up.   

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