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Why Worry About a Leaking Toilet?

Does any mention of toilet repair make you start sweating, worrying about the cost and the mess a plumbing repair job will lead to? It doesn’t have to!

Valley Plumbing is here with some useful information that will help you feel a little more relaxed about that running water sound coming from the toilet.

Don’t waste your time worrying or stressing about a leaking toilet! Believe it or not, nine times out of ten, remedying a leaking toilet is a fairly simple task. Read on to learn more!

It’s All About The Toilet Flapper!

flapperOkay, maybe not all about the flapper, but the chances are that if you have a leak in your toilet, it's because your toilet flapper needs to be replaced or at least repaired.

If you have a rubber cap flapper and can't remember how long it's been since the last time you replaced it, it's rubber edge may have worn out with age.

When this happens, the cap doesn't fit perfectly over the overflow pipe it sits on, so water can get in and leak into the bowl. If you have a tank ball flapper, wearing is possible but less likely than an issue with the chain. If the chain attached to the ball is too short, it can prevent it from properly sitting on the overflow pipe and covering it.

If you still have a seat disk flapper, you'd be better off replacing it than trying to fix it, as the disproportionate size of the seat disk makes it difficult to repair. No matter what kind of toilet flapper you have, call Valley Plumbing for help repairing or replacing it.

Get That Running Toilet Under Control

runningtoiletNow, if you checked your toilet flapper and found that it is not cracked or worn, and the chain is the perfect length, but you are still looking at a running toilet, what could it possibly be?! Don't panic.

There are some other possible issues that can also be remedied relatively easily. If the toilet flapper isn’t to blame, check the water level inside your tank.

If the water level is too high, it can cause water to spill over into the overflow pipe and run into the bowl. You might also want to check other mechanisms in your tank like the fill float or fill valve.

Great Tips For Toilet Maintenance

maintainFinally, once you find and repair whatever was causing your toilet to leak, make sure to take care to focus on better toilet maintenance to avoid this issue again in the future.

Not sure what "good toilet maintenance" looks like? You can start by keeping your toilet bowl clean using mild cleaners. Be aware of what is being flushed down your toilet.

Anything other than human waste and toilet paper can clog up the drain and cause damage to your pipes. Finally, check the mechanisms in your tank regularly (about every six months) to make sure they are working correctly.

Share your favorite toilet maintenance tips below for all our readers to use them! Call Valley Plumbing in Salt Lake City if you’re having recurring toilet issues. Our plumbing experts are standing by now to help you! Call (801) 341-4222 today!