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Why We Love Mother’s Day

On Sunday, May 12th, it will be time once again to celebrate Mother’s Day! There is no better time to spend quality time with our mothers, and let them know how much they mean to us! There is also a no better time to thank them for all the time and patience they put into teaching us the basics of life.

Do you remember all of the chores your mother taught you over the years? It is probably safe to say you remember all of them! You also probably do most of them on a day to day basis. All of the chores our mothers taught us had a bigger impact then you may think!

Sometimes that meaning can be hard to see when you are little, or a teenager; but it was there nonetheless. It may be only now that you realize all the chores you were asked to do were not only chores, but lessons on how to save money, time, and energy... even with your plumbing services!

Let's take water for example. Many chores that were handed out to us had to do with water. Looking back now, you may realize the significance of those chores and how they are essential to us in more ways than one…

Glassware Stains Meant Trouble!

wipeglassLet's do a quick poll; type the word “MOM” in the comments below if your mother asked you to wipe down glassware after it was already clean! Whether they were fresh out of the dishwasher, or they had been sitting on a shelf, your mother probably asked you to give them another wipe down.

As we now know, it was not just dust, your mother was trying to get rid of, but hard water stains! Every mother's worst nightmare is hard water stains. They collect on our dishes, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen appliances.

Hard Water is caused by mineral buildup in our water. If your mother had not asked you to wipe down those dishes a second time, your glassware would have been stained beyond repair! Our mothers knew the dangers of this, and she was teaching you how to keep it at bay!

Timing Your Shower

longshowerHow many of us had our showers timed? Or at the very least we were told to keep our showers short and to turn off the water while we were brushing our teeth. Mother’s are notorious for conserving water and with good reason!

For every minute you are in the shower you use approx 2 gallons of water! Your mother, being a wise woman, knew how much money and waste this was going to cause. In fact, you are probably saying the same thing to your children now!

Paying a water bill is no fun for anyone! Paying one that is astronomically high due to long showers is downright painful! Whether your mother had your shower on a timer, or she gave the 5-minute countdown knock, she knew what she was talking about.

Not only are long showers going to cause an expensive bill each month, but they also can cause your pipes to corrode more quickly. All that mineral buildup we talked about on your mother’s dishes can also buildup in your pipes. This can reduce the flow of water; which causes you to use even more water!

Are You Collecting Water?

collectwaterAt this point, you may have started to see the theme, right? Whether they knew it or not; our mothers were the ultimate water conservationists!

Another great example is Beth! Beth uses a rainwater tank in her backyard to collect water. As you can guess, this is something her mother taught her to do.

Beth’s mother used a rain barrel to collect rainwater in order to water her plants, wash dishes and clothes, and cook with! Though Beth mainly uses hers to water her garden and indoor plants, she saves almost $100 per year; all thanks to her mother's advice!

Say Thank You to Mom

Looking back now, all of those chores your mother gave you were not only to help you learn responsibility but to help you conserve water and save money! For that reason, and so many more, your mother deserves a giant thank you!

No need to wait for Mother’s Day either. Call your mom, give her a hug, and spend time with her. Let her know you realize all the things she had you do were preparing you to have the most efficient life possible!

At Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we’d like to send a warm Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers out there! We hope your day is full of happiness and relaxation. You deserve it!