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Are You Spending Time Outdoors on the Year’s Longest Day?

Did you know that June 21st is going to be the longest day of 2019? The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere is when we say goodbye to spring and hello to summer.

Cultures all over the world have been celebrating the solstice for hundreds of years. How will you celebrate? Whatever you do, make sure you spend at least a few minutes soaking up the extra sunshine on the summer solstice.

The days will slowly begin to grow shorter after June 21st, so enjoy the extra daylight while you can! If you don’t already have outdoor activities planned for the kickoff to summer, try out some of our low-cost water activities, at Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning we just want you to have fun!

Bring Your Sprinklers Into the Mix

sprinklerandslideOn a hot summer day, few things will cool you down as quickly as running through the sprinkler. The activity is a childhood favorite, but it’s not just for kids.

Make some memories with your kids and cool down at the same time by turning on your sprinklers and racing through them together.

No kids? No problem! Position your sprinkler to mist your feet when you’re lounging in your favorite lawn chair. It’ll help keep you cool as you enjoy some extra time in the sunshine.

And don’t worry, no one will judge you if you take a solo-jog through the spray. Your sprinkler will be pulling double duty because you’ll be putting some water on your thirsty lawn while you and/or your kids play in the yard. It’s a great way to conserve water and enjoy a hot summer day.

Hose Fights Are Always Fun

hosefightsIf you choose to spend part of the longest day working on your yard, chances are you’ll be pretty tired and hot by the time you finish.

Start a playful hose fight with your kids or your spouse to keep your family from combusting.

You’ll cool down even faster with a blast from the hose than you would with the coldest, crispest glass of lemonade. If you want to cut down on the water that you use for your game, arm your family with water guns.

While you’re all chasing each other around the yard emptying your squirt gun tanks, you’ll also be watering your freshly cut grass. You won’t have to worry about your water use if the stray droplets are feeding your yard.

Set Up Water Balloon Battles

waterballoonsfightYou can get into a lot of different shenanigans with water balloons. You can spend your extra daylight filling water bombs and surprising friends who walk past your yard. No doubt, they’ll be delighted at being cooled down, once they get over the shock of the splash.

If your kids are getting restless indoors, you can set them up for a water balloon fight against each other. They’ll be delighted to have a basket full of their own, unique color of balloons.

You could even have them invite friends over to strengthen their teams. The cost of water balloons, even if you purchase a few different colors, is quite minimal in exchange for keeping your kids occupied for a bit. Your kids will have a blast lobbing water balloons at each other.

If you want to really surprise them, pull out your own batch of balloons to join in on the fun. They’ll never forget the time that mom and dad joined in on the water balloon war. To wrap up the game, you can offer a refreshing treat, like ice cream or a popsicle, to kids who work hard to clean up the balloon debris. Encourage your kids to find each little piece so that no animal accidentally tries to eat it.

Summer Solstice Celebration

We only get to celebrate the longest day of the year, well, once a year! It’ll be a whole year before we have such a long, sunny day again, so make sure that you take advantage of it with some fun outdoor activities, inspired by your outdoor plumbing.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. You can stretch your buck further if you hold your water activities in your yard so that your grass can benefit from the games too.