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Tough Clogs are a Thing of the Past

Salt Lake City PlumberWhen a buildings pipes and sewer lines become clogged with debris, hydrojetting is a highly effective method of cleaning out the plumbing system. Clogs are one of the most troublesome problems in plumbing, but hydrojetting is a good way of cleaning the out of a system and allowing water to flow freely once again. Hydrojetting relies on high pressures to blast away debris that is creating obstacles to the free flow of water through pipes and sewer lines.

How is it beneficial?

  • Provides a complete clean- There is perhaps no other way to get pipes and sewer lines as clean as they become after the hydrojetting process is carried out to remove clogs and buildup.
  • Offers cost savings- A clean plumbing system is less likely to experience malfunctions. Hydrojetting can cut down on plumbing maintenance needs in the future by keeping a plumbing system optimally functioning for a long time after the cleaning.
  • Uses maneuverable equipment- Equipment used in the hydrojetting process can easily be maneuvered and positioned to target persistent clogs.
  • Blasts away bacteria- Hydrojetting doesn't only blast away large blockages and buildup. It also cuts back on bacteria present in pipes and sewer lines. Bacteria can cause health problems and foul odors in a home's drains and pipes, so keeping it under control is important.
  • Gets rid of blockages caused from a variety of materials- Hydrojetting is effective at cleaning out just about any blockage, whether it's composed of soap, mud, ice, grease, or any other material.

How does it work?

Salt Lake City HydrojettingThe hydrojetting process generally begins with an inspection during which a plumber will scope out the situation and see where clogs are forming. After inspection, a nozzle and hose are connected to plumbing lines through an opening in the plumbing system. Then, water is blasted through at very high pressures until debris is cleaned out.
In some cases, tree roots can grow into sewer lines, and this can pose some added complications for the hydrojetting process. If tree roots have invaded, a mechanical drain snake will typically need to be used before hydrojetting to tear at roots so that they can be blasted away.

If you suspect a build-up in your lines, don't hesitate to schedule hydrojetting services. Call 801-341-4222 and let Valley plumbing clear the pipes of your Salt Lake City area home.