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Salt Lake City PlumberThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disclosed that drinking water from the tap “can reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants.” What kind of contaminants remain? Are they harmful? Can we control them from entering our home tap water? This is where a whole house water filtration system comes into play.
The most common contaminants are toxic heavy metals, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), Chlorine, Fluoride, bacteria and parasites. The toxic heavy metals include lead, copper, aluminum and mercury. Once ingested, the body cannot remove these metals, and this weakens the immune system. The VOCs are the result of pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and general household chemicals. Studies have shown that ingesting even small amounts of these chemicals can cause cancer. Pharmaceutical contamination of water from toilets and bathing is a relatively new and unregulated concern.
Chlorine and Fluoride are both added to our water. Chlorine kills microorganisms. However, Chlorine is very harmful to human cells. The National Cancer Institute warns that people who drink unfiltered chlorinated water have a 90 percent greater chance of developing cancer. The controversial addition of Fluoride to water was intended to prevent tooth decay in children. However, studies show that Fluoride can weaken the kidneys, cause neurological diseases, as well as bone cancer.
Salt Lake City Water Filtration System
The E-coli bacteria can be found in water treatment plants or the water lines in our homes. This is a fecal based bacteria which can cause severe diarrhea for several days. Giardia is a parasite which attaches itself to the walls of the intestines. Some water treatment facilities do not test for Giardia because Chlorine is the acceptable means for killing this parasite. The symptoms of Giardia are similar in nature to E-coli, and cause severe diarrhea plus abdominal cramps.
Now, let’s look at a viable solution for bringing pure water into the home. Most skilled plumbers would agree that a whole house water filtration system is the wisest and safest choice. The powerful filter is installed directly into the main water line and all water coming into the home receives a high level of filtration at this point-of-entry. Not only is the drinking water filtered, but also water in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room.
Although the water treatment plants do their best to protect our water supply, it is important that we also take control of our health and safety. The whole home water filtration system provides an additional safety barrier for bringing healthy water into the home.
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