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Don't Be Haunted By Water Hammers This Halloween

What’s the Scary Noise Behind the Wall?

It’s that time of year again! Halloween season is upon us, and it’s time for plumbers to go over some scary noises homeowners might hear this fall. When it is time for plumbing systems to be serviced, they might start making loud noises that homeowners aren’t used to hearing. 

But fear not! Professional plumbers are here to explain one noise homeowners might hear this spooky season. One common cause of noisy pipes is a water hammer. Homeowners should continue reading to learn about water hammers, their dangers, and how professionals can fix them. 

Water Hammer Basics

Water hammer is an appropriate name for this phenomenon because it can sound like someone is banging on the pipes with a hammer. It occurs when the water pressure within a piping system experiences a pressure surge. This surge sends high water pressure through the lines until a quick stop, or if that high water pressure suddenly changes directions. It sends shockwaves through the pipes and causes them to vibrate and make loud noises. The noises can be louder if the pipes aren’t strapped tightly enough. 

A water hammer is typically caused by suddenly turning off appliances or fast-acting solenoid valves. It causes the pipes to shudder or bang around because of the intensity of the water pressure. If it happens in a home, the homeowner should call a plumber to fix it to avoid any dangers. 

The Dangers 

pipeSome of the dangers associated with water hammers include:

  • It can cause pipes to rupture or burst
  • Can blow out gaskets 
  • It can cause injury to those nearby when it happens
  • Can damage nearby pipes 
  • Can damage the home itself

Water hammers can range from mild to severe. If the phenomenon happens once in a blue moon, there may not be much to worry about. However, if the problem happens multiple times or just once but is loud, then the issue needs to be addressed by a professional immediately to prevent damage. It’s best to call a professional anytime a water hammer is suspected in order to avoid a plumbing emergency later! 

What Qualified Professionals Can Do 

plumberProfessionals have several methods for fixing water hammers, depending on the causes. They may drain waterlogged air chambers, better secure pipes, or install repair or replace water hammer arrestors. 

Professionals may also add or replace valves in the plumbing system to help control the pressure. This is especially true for those living in areas with naturally high water pressure. Regardless, solving a water hammer is a problem better left up to professionals. Also, homeowners should call professionals soon after noticing loud banging noises from the pipes to avoid the dangers water hammers can cause. 

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