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3 Reasons Why You May Need Excavation Services

Why Homeowners Use Excavation Services

Many people know if they want to make some changes to their home, it may involve excavation. For example, many people excavate to put in a new driveway, pool, or foundation. However, there are many other reasons why a homeowner might need to excavate beyond these common examples. Here are three reasons why homeowners may need excavation services that they may not have considered before.

To Install a Septic System

excavation for septic systemIf homeowners live in a rural area or an area not connected to city sewer lines, they will need to have a septic system installed. This system includes a tank that collects all the wastewater from a home and breaks it down.

Then, the treated water is released into a leach field, where it is absorbed into the ground. To install a septic system, homeowners will need to excavate a large hole for the tank as well as trenches for the leach field.

To Remove Tree Stumps

excavation for tree stumpIf homeowners have had trees removed from their property, they probably also have large tree stumps left behind. While they could try to remove them on their own, this is usually a difficult and time-consuming task.

Instead, they can hire an excavation company to come and remove the tree stumps for them. This process usually involves excavating around the stump and then using a stump grinder to grind it down below ground level.

To Fix A Home’s Foundation

If a home has cracks in the foundation or is otherwise structurally unsound, the homeowners will need excavation services to fix the problem. This process usually involves excavating around the home's perimeter so that the foundation can be repaired or replaced as needed. In some cases, underpinning may also be necessary to stabilize the foundation and prevent future problems.

While most people only think of excavation when they want to put in a new pool or build an addition to their home, there are many other reasons homeowners might need this type of service. If someone needs excavation services, they should hire an excavation company rather than trying to do things themselves. Trust us – it will save time, money, and frustration in the long run!

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