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Stop Your Running Toilet Before It Gets Away & You Need a New One

Your Toilet is Running Away

Everyone has heard the old joke - is your toilet running? If it is, better catch it before it runs away! But as funny as that joke is, running toilets are a serious problem and, if left too long, they can actually run away on you. Running toilets are more problematic than you might think at first glance and if left long enough can contribute to a much more expensive water bill than normal.

Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to do something about it. When it comes to plumbing, it’s always better to fix a problem rather than ignore it. If you ignore a problem, it will always get worse.

What’s Behind Your Toilet Clogs?

reasons behind running toiletsThere are numerous reasons why your toilet starts to slowly leak from the tank into the bowl and eventually causing a running toilet. Inside your toilet tank, there are a number of moving parts that ensure that your toilet works properly.

The seal in your tank which allows water to flow into the bowl when flushing and refilling is often the culprit for running toilets. Seals are made from rubber or plastic and over time, these pieces will crack or break off, resulting in a less than full seal on your tank.

When the seal starts to wear out, it will slowly allow water into the bowl and soon you’ll have a toilet that regularly runs. If left for long enough, this problem will not correct itself but will only grow worse. Seals that need replacing will continue to deteriorate over time and will worsen until fixed.

How the Pros Fix the Problem

Fixing a running toilet isn’t a costly proposition, but letting it run unchecked, is. By letting your toilet run, you’ll be adding gallons of water use onto your regular water bill. Even if the leak is slow, you can unknowingly use several gallons a day! It’s always best to fix plumbing issues right when you discover them.

fixing running toilets

Thankfully, for this issue, all that needs to be done is replacing the seal in your toilet tank. Once a plumber installs a new seal and checks to ensure the chain and plunger are both in working order, your toilet will be back to regular operation.

What You Can do To Stop a Running Toilet

preventing running toiletsIf you want to catch your toilet before it starts running away on you, the best thing is to regularly maintain your toilet tank. By cleaning the water in your tank, you’ll be able to cut down on mineral buildup on the moving parts such as the seal. The cleaner your tank stays, the longer it’s lifespan and better it will function.

All parts do have a limited life, however, so if you notice some wear and tear on your seal, chain, or plunger unit, it’s a good idea to replace them before they start causing problems. Upkeep is the best prevention method to avoid costly repairs and increased water bills due to common problems.

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