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Plumbing Myths Demystified

Salt Lake City Plumber The plumbing in your home is an important part of keeping the dishes, clothes washed and showers for everyone in the home. However, there are common myths in the plumbing industry that are simply not true.
Read about the five most common myths to learn more about keeping your home plumbing system running smoothly.

Everything Can Go Down the Drain

This myth is especially not true since grease, eggshells and other food items will damage your garbage disposal.
Most homeowners believe that as long as the water is running, then everything will break up in the garbage disposal. The only food items that are appropriate for the garbage disposal include soft foods. Deposit grease and other food items into the trash.

Lemon Cleans and Disinfects the Kitchen Drain

Lemon can make the drain smell better but it will not make it clean. Disconnect the garbage disposal from its power source before cleaning the drain. Spray a heavy-duty cleaning solution in the disposal and let it sit to make it clean and smell fresh

Maintenance-Free Plumbing Fixtures

Many homeowners simply think there is no maintenance required for plumbing fixtures. However, clogged drains can and will occur if they are not maintained.
You should inspect your plumbing fixtures for signs of damage due to tree roots, sewer problems or other concerns on a regular basis. If your water is not running fast enough, then find out why. Hire a plumbing contractor to inspect your plumbing system to save you from future, costly plumbing bills.

In-Tank Cleaners

This is a myth because most homeowners think that in-tank cleaners is all that is needed to keep the toilet clean. The only thing in-tank cleaners do is keep scum to a minimum.
You should clean the toilet bowl with white vinegar to disinfectant the entire toilet. You can also use heavy-duty toilet bowl cleaners once a week to keep your toilet bowl shining.

Salt Lake City Plumbing MythsHot Water Dissolves Grease

Many people turn on the hot water before dumping grease down the drain. They believe the hot water breaks up the grease but it does not. If you pour grease down your drain, it will likely stick to the bottom and sides of the drain and eventually back up causing drain problems.
Keep your drains clear by pouring grease into a sealed container before dumping it into the trash. Maintain your drains with regular cleaning and disinfecting products.

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