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Clear the Clog, and Clear Your Mind

Salt Lake City PlumberWhen you have a clogged toilet in your home, all activities stop until the problem is resolved. Homeowners must often rely on the services of a reliable plumbing company to take care of the problem. You can avoid these clogging issues if you pay attention to the top five causes of toilet clogs that professional plumbers often find at fault:

1 – Unsuitable Toilet Paper

The supermarket aisles are full of toilet paper choices, but some of these products may contribute to toilet clogs. Professional plumbing contractors recommend the simplest kind of one-ply tissue, which will break down easily in the water. Using “extra-thick,” “quilted,” or other luxury paper products are more like to contribute to clogging problems.

2 – Fallen Objects

Another common cause of toilet clogs is random objects that fall into the toilet bowl. These objects may fall into the bowl unnoticed, and then get flushed into the system.
Some homeowners soon learn that their vanity sinks present a troublesome trajectory that bounces objects directly off the counter and into the toilet. Alerting family members to the problem, and removing all objects from the vanity counter after use can help to eliminate this problem of random objects falling into the toilet. Another problem in households with children is toys that somehow find their way into the toilet. Keeping a basket under the sink specifically for bath toys can help to resolve the problem of toys falling into the toilet.

3 – Toilet Bowl Cleaner Products

Consumers have a number of new toilet cleaning and deodorizing products available in stores. However, these products can be the cause of frequent toilet clogs. Many of these products have a gel consistency that does not dissolve completely as it goes through the drain system. The gel can collect on small turns and irregularities on the lining and can obstruct the normal flow of water and debris. Removing these clogs may require the services of a professional plumber.

Salt Lake City Clogged Toilet4 – Feminine Hygiene Products

The instructions on the packages of feminine hygiene products may say that they are flushable, but in fact, they may not dissolve sufficiently for your drain system. Always provide a separate container for these products and inform household members about proper disposal.

5 – Wiper Sheets

The market also offers a number of wiper sheets for babies, as well as adults, that substitute for ordinary toilet paper. These wiper sheets often do not break down in the water and easily snag on any small irregularity in the toilet drain. Disposing of these sheets in a suitable receptacle, rather than flushing down the toilet, will help to prevent toilet clogs.

Avoid the embarrassment of an untimely toilet clog, call Valley Plumbing at 801-341-4222 to keep your Salt Lake City throne flushing!