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Plumbing Emergency? We've Got You Covered.

Salt Lake City PlumberYour typical household plumbing emergency will not happen at noon on a Wednesday when the plumbers are readily available, no, your emergency will happen at midnight on a holiday in a snowstorm. The important thing is that you are prepared so the emergency is held at bay until your plumber can get out to you to fix the problem, saving you headaches, frustration and money.

Emergency Preparation Kit

Nobody anticipates an emergency. You never know when or where it is going to happen or how but that does not mean you can’t be prepared for everything. All you need to do is put together a few items that will help subside any plumbing emergency. Some of these items include:

• Bucket— A bucket has more than one purpose. The main purpose is to be something that you can place under the leak so the water is not going all over your floor. The second purpose is to hold all of the other tools in your emergency kit

• Wrench— A crescent wrench is a good all-around tool that will help to loosen or tighten any bolt on any pipe. Since it is adjustable, you do not have to waste time by finding the right size wrench that you need.

• Plunger— Your plunger will help to release clogs or cover openings where water can come out. Another excellent, all-around tool with multiple uses.

Educate Yourself

Another way that you can prepare yourself for a potential emergency is to educate yourself, not only on your home but on your plumber as well. First of all, you should know where every water shut-off is located in your home. This way, if you have a leaky toilet you can shut the water flow off to the toilet, not the entire house. At the same time, you should also be aware of the main shut off valve that shuts off the water to the entire home. You should also check the main valve at least once a year to ensure that it is still functioning and easy to turn off and on.Salt Lake City Emergency Plumbing

In addition to educating yourself where all the shut off valves are, you should also have the number of a plumber close by so you are not stuck with the first one you find during an emergency. When finding a plumber you should think of a few things like if they offer 24 hour emergency service, online reviews, complaints with the BBB and if they are licensed or bonded.

You should always have a licensed plumber to fix any plumbing emergency but if you are prepared and educated, you can at least stop the emergency until the plumber arrives; this can sometimes greatly reduce the cost of plumbing repairs and the damage that is done due to the emergency.

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