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Has Your Water Bill Spiked?

Salt Lake City PlumberIn this day of conservation, it is helpful to understand what in your house is using the most water. Understanding this allows you to upgrade to energy efficient plumbing, low flow devices in the most important places first.
What Uses The Most Water In My Home?
Believe it or not, almost 30% of your entire water consumption is being flushed down the toilet. While low flow toilets save quite a bit of water, an older model toilet can flush 7 gallons of water down the drain in just one flush. A low flow toilet can reduce your water consumption by about 70-80%. This can add up to big savings.
Getting A Low Flow Toilet Installed
Professional installation should always be performed by a professional. Many people think that they can install a low flow toilet themselves. Correct installation is crucial if you want to reduce your footprint and get the most for your money. Having this system correctly installed by a plumber will ensure that you get the most savings from this system change.
What If Your Water Bill Is Unusually High?
An unusually high water bill can indicate other problems. Since many pipes are out of sight, you might have a slow leak that is getting worse. A good way to circumvent problems is to have a plumber come out and regularly check out your pipes and water heater. Doing so can help avoid a crisis. People think that this is a waste of time and money. However, there is nothing more frustrating or costly then a plumbing emergency. Getting things checked out regularly can be very cost effective in the long term.
The Benefits Of Regular Service
Getting your system regularly serviced can help you avoid costly leaks, water damage, and other problems down the line. Many people find that the regular service saves both money and time.
Who To Call
Call a plumbing professional if you wish to have your system evaluated for efficiency or if you notice a spike in your water consumption. A plumber can help you with both these issues and can help you address the problems in your system head on. Avoiding this process will likely result in bigger and more costly problems in the end.
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