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Avoid a Clogged Toilet!

Clogging is not an uncommon problem when it comes to toilets due to the amount and manner of activities they are used for. Toilets get clogged a number of times for a lot of reasons. The most common of them is using too much toilet paper, or wipes that do not flush easily. Sometimes feminine hygiene products and baby diapers could clog the toilets too. This type of clogging can be taken care of by hiring professional drain cleaning services.
Some Other Reasons
Clogging can most times occur at the top of the curve of the trap. Things like toys can be flushed down the toilet by children which can also cause clogging. They can drop toothbrushes, plastic caps, clips, jewelry, make up, pencil, coins and so on. This type of clogging can be addressed with the use of closet auger to pull the materials out instead of using the plunger to push them down the drain which could lead to further damage with the pipes.
Clogging can occur due to port holes located under the edge or rim of the toilet being clogged by debris or hard water deposits. Clogging can also happen because the flush handle is too weak to get rid of its deposits or the toilet has a low-flow where only a quarter of the water needed to flush is available in the tank. This type of clogging usually will require professional help to fix.
Other Clogging Problems
Some other clogging problems can be attributed to overflowing septic tank which definitely will require the help of a professional. The tank could also need to be pumped to fix the clogging. It can be a problem with broken pipes where waste materials are trapped to cause clogging. Animals like rats and squirrels can block the vent to lead to clogging.
Roots growing in the pipes leading to the public sewer can equally lead to clogged toilets. Soap scums, hair or rust deposits in the pipes can lead to clogging too. When the flapper sitting inside the tank is faulty, it can lead to weak flushing which can also cause clogging.
Why Does a Toilet Clog?
A toilet can get clogged generally when the things that are not meant for it are flushed down it. Other problems that can cause clogging are with the pipes, septic systems and the draining systems. Almost all of these blockages can be professional fixed without any lasting damages.
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