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Leaky faucet maintenance: dripping faucet

Why Leaky Faucets Need Servicing

Leaky Faucets Are a Pain

Imagine trying to sleep as your bathroom faucet leaks in the next room. The drip, drip, drip, while unnoticeable during the day, drive you crazy throughout the night.

You try tightening the faucet handle, but it seems only to make the problem worse. While it’s hard to imagine such a small inconvenience could cause so much distress, anyone who has dealt with a persistent leaky faucet will tell you the frustration is genuine.

While a leaky faucet may seem like a simple fix, there may be a serious underlying issue causing the problem. Read on to learn why a plumber’s expertise is necessary for leaky faucet repairs and the hidden costs associated with it.

Signs of a Leaky Faucet

Plumber fixing leaky faucet, woman standing in kitchen giving thumbs up.

While obviously, visible dripping is an indicator that a facet in your home needs repair, there are other, more subtle signs to watch out for that indicate you need to contact a plumber.

These signs include:

  • Spitting Faucet: occurs when the water stream from a tap is not smooth and could mean a clogged aerator.
  • Screeching Sound: If your faucet makes a screeching sound when you turn the faucet handle, this could indicate a rubber washer that needs replacing.
  • Squeaky Handle: If the handle itself squeaks as you turn your faucet on or off, it could indicate that a faucet stem needs repairing or replacing.

Plumbing Solutions

Fixing plumbing issue with bathroom Fauset

Leaky faucets, while a common problem, could stem from several underlying issues. Therefore a plumber will need to locate the origin of the leak before he/she can fix it.

  • The plumber will shut off the water to the sink by turning off the individual shut-off valve. If a particular sink does not have this, the plumber will have to turn off the home’s main water line.
  • After the water is turned off, the plumber will remove the handle. This is where a homeowner can easily damage their faucet. An experienced plumber knows how to remove different kinds of handles and can do so delicately.
  • After removing the handle, the plumber determines the cause of the leak. If there are any broken or corroded parts, he/she will replace those parts with new ones.
  • Finally, the plumber will reattach the faucet handle and make sure it is secure. Often homeowners make leaks worse by failing to reattach the faucet handle properly after fixing the original leak.

The Cost of a Leaky Faucet

faucet leak cost: dollar sign with faucet attached

A leaky faucet can be inconvenient and surprisingly expensive if not taken care of promptly. A leaky faucet can cause a household’s water bill to skyrocket as water is continuously leaking even when a sink is off.

A leaky faucet can also lead to water damage, especially if the leak is behind a sink and not visible to the homeowner. In the US, insurance agencies pay out about $2.5 billion annually for water damage-related claims.

Leaky faucets, while considered a minor repair, can lead to exponential costs down the road if not handled properly by a professional plumber. Don’t wait. Take care of the problem today.

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