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The Key to a Pet-Friendly Salt Lake City Plumbing System

Pets make life more enjoyable; they offer unconditional loves. Thus, they are regarded as important members of a family. However, many people don't associate drainage issue with their pets. Every time a cat and a dog get a bath, the pet hair can clog the drains.
To many families, clogged drains are nightmares. Often they occurs at most inopportune times, and they tend to be time-consuming, expensive, and headache to deal with. Once the drain has clogged, the choices are either to use harmful chemical or call a Salt Lake City professional to fix it. The good news is that pet related clogs can be prevented with proper maintenance. As a pet owner, there are plumbing related tips that are helpful to know.

Salt Lake City, UT Drain Cleaning ServicesUse of drain strainer to keep hair from clogging pipes

Whenever a cat or a dog needs a bath, a drain strainer should be used to keep off their hair from causing clogs. To many pet owners' especially short haired cat or dog, it is tempting to think they do not shade hair at all.
The truth is that all pets shed some hair, and they do shed more than we think. Further, clogging is a gradual problem that culprit in the drain. A drain strainer can keep all the hair from the pet out of pipes and also make it easier to clean the tub.

Using a balancing valve during bath time

Often during bath time, a pet owner may use water that has too much pressure. Too much pressure shed pet hairs that end up in the drain and result to clogging. Installing a balancing valve enable regulation of water pressure before putting it on a pet. Besides, too much pressure might overwhelm a pet while too low pressure makes pet bathing to be an endless chore.

Use of pet hair-snare to prevent clogging

Pet-hair snare is great for everyday use in cats and dogs bathing to prevent clogged drains in your Salt Lake City home. It helps to keep the hair out of the drain. It is a self sealing technology with a flexible base, and it can fit most sinks, shower, drains and tubs.
Besides, it is characterized by a raised centre screen that can accommodate most pop-up stoppers. It is designed to catch hairs before they enter the drain and it has the natural suction mechanism on the drain that hold pet- snare in place. Together with tub bathing mat a pet hair snare protects the drain from hair clogging.

Don't let your fluffy pup clog up your drain! If you need drain cleaning in your Salt Lake City, UT home call Valley Plumbing at 801-341-4222 today!