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The Best Thing After a Cold Winter's Day Is a Hot Bath!

Water Heater Repair Can Keep Homeowners Safe

Whether homeowners work outside in the winter or not, nothing compares to a nice hot bath after a long day of work when it’s cold out. However, for this to happen, the water heater must be working efficiently. Otherwise, the homeowner is subject to little or no hot water in their bath. Not only that, but if the water heater is broken, that means there are no clean dishes or clothes either. Every homeowner should know three common signs that indicate trouble with their water heater. If the water heater starts to show any of these symptoms, it is crucial that the homeowner calls a professional as soon as possible to save the most money on repairs. To learn about the three common symptoms, continue reading below!

Is Water Pressure Low?

It might not initially seem very common, but a difference in water pressure is often the first sign that homeowners notice something wrong with their water heater. When the water pressure is low in the home, it can actually point to many possible culprits, but the water heater is one of the most common. 

Some of the reasons for low water pressure due to water heater malfunction include: 

  • Sediment build-up in the tank 
  • A leak in the tank
  • Rust build-up
  • The age of the water heater

Any Strange Sounds?


Strange sounds are also common to hear from a water heater that needs to be repaired. The louder the sound, the more serious the problem probably is. That said, when the homeowner notices even the faintest of sounds, they must call in a professional right away. 

When homeowners catch water heater problems early on, it can not only save the life of the water heater, but it will save the homeowner a lot of money in the end too. 

Sediment build-up in the tank is perhaps the most common reason for the strange sounds. If the homeowner hears the noises accompanied by low water pressure, the problem is most commonly sediment build-up. Luckily, professionals can eradicate this problem in no time by flushing the system out. 

When homeowners have their water heater flushed regularly, it helps to avoid this issue altogether. 

How Much Hot Water Is There?

Perhaps the most commonly reported sign of water heater issues is a water heater that produces little to no hot water. That said, that doesn’t mean this is the first sign that the water heater exhibits. Usually, the water heater will show signs before this occurs. 


Regardless, if the water heater isn’t producing hot water, it’s never going to. The only resolve is to call in a professional to have the unit looked at. The professional will be able to tell if the homeowner can pay to have the unit repaired or if it’s more worth it to invest in a new one altogether. 

Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Knows Plumbing

Homeowners in West Jordan can keep their homes safe all year round with help from the professionals at Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning. They work hard to ensure their customers are always happy, and their homes are efficient. Call today for water heater services such as maintenance, repairs, or replacements!