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Repair water leak guide

Repairing a Water Leak: What to Do and What Not to Do

The Best Way to Repair a Water Leak

Though DIY projects have been around forever, they have really shot off like a rocket in the last decade or so with the growth in popularity of networks like Pinterest and YouTube. People all around the world teach wood carving skills, painting techniques, organizational hacks, and more. It would seem as if there’s no need to buy anything from a store! But there’s one particular case where DIY is not such a good idea: home repair.

DIY residential plumbing projects can put the safety and comfort of those living in the home at risk. And while most people take on DIY projects to save money, DIY home repair just ends up being more expensive if it’s not done correctly. The best way to fix water leaks and other things around the home is to ignore the need to DIY everything and hire a trained professional instead.

How to Use Plumbing Sealants and Repair Tape

plumbing tapeMany people have the mindset of “use it until it falls apart and no longer works” for all kinds of products, which causes them to turn to duct tape as a solution for just about everything. If part of a tail light on the car is falling off, just duct tape it.

If a book is falling apart at the seams, fix it with duct tape. Now, duct tape isn’t the best tool to use for fixing a leaking pipe, but there are other members of the adhesive family that will do just fine. Repair tape is a common type of plumbing sealant, and it is incredibly strong.

This makes it a great tool for fixing a leak when two pieces of the pipe aren’t staying as tight as they should. Make sure to wrap the tape tightly around the pipe or fixture in a clockwise direction. As a pro tip, always remember to pay attention to the manufacturer’s directions for how much tape to use. If too much tape is used, it can lose its effectiveness and won’t stop the leak.

DIY Plumbing Risks to Know

The risk is high when someone tries to take on a task they’ve never done before. For instance, a sixteen-year-old who just got their license is a high risk on the road. They simply don’t have the knowledge or the experience to be comfortable and safe while driving. The same concept applies to plumbing repairs. If a homeowner tries to take on this work themselves, they place risk on the home and their own health.

diy risks

One small, wrong move and things can start spinning out of control. For example, if they forget to turn the water off first, the house could start flooding. If they are too firm with the pipes, the pipes could crack or burst. If they don’t take the proper safety precautions, they could accidentally cut themselves or drop something on themselves causing serious injuries. Ultimately, the best way to minimize risk is to leave it to the plumbing professionals.

Trained, Professional Water Leak Service Providers

pro servicesA homeowner’s biggest priority is completing the water leak repair effectively and with minimal damage. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that the job is done correctly the first time.

Professionals have the tools and technology to identify the precise location of the water leak, so they can repair that specific location and minimize the damage to the rest of the house.

They know how to avoid common mistakes that lead to injuries, and they always have the necessary safety gear on hand. Additionally, professional plumbers can diagnose the entire plumbing system to determine if repiping or other services are needed.

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