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A Quick Guide to Repairing a Toilet that Won't Flush

Summer is around the corner, and you are hosting your first backyard barbeque in your one bathroom bungalow. Your guest approaches you and tells you your toilet isn’t flushing.
This is exactly what a homeowner does not want to hear when they have friends and family visiting their home. But before you call a plumber, take a look at this quick guide on how to repair your toilet, and how you can save your bathroom plumbing all by yourself.

Look for a Broken Flapper at the Bottom of the Tank

“tankflapper”If your flapper is broken, water will not fill the bowl, and you will not be able to flush the toilet.
Check the rubber flapper, located at the bottom of the tank, to see it if it damaged or warped.
Flappers are inexpensive to replace, costing about $10.00 a piece at any hardware store. Be sure to also check the lift chain connected to the flapper. If it is broken, it can affect the rubber flapper.

Pour Water Into the Toilet to Flush it

“waterinsidetoilet”Adding water to the toilet bowl can help flush the toilet and save you on time. Fill a large bowl of water or a small bucket, and dump the water into the toilet as you flush.
The force of dumping the water into the bowl will push what’s left down through your pipes and out into the sewer.
Keep in mind this may not actually fix the toilet, but rather assist in flushing the toilet once to empty its contents. You may still have to contact a professional to fix the bathroom plumbing properly.

Contact a Plumber to Check for Clogs and Back up

“callaprofessional”Unfortunately, there are times when your bathroom plumbing is going to need the attention of a professional.
Plumbers can easily asses the situation and tell you exactly what is going in with your toilet. Calling a plumber will cost money; however, it is much better to have someone who understands your pipes better assist you.
Plumbers in Salt Lake City, UT take their job seriously and will be able to identify the issue right away. Don’t let a malfunctioning toilet ruin your summer fun this year. Have all the parties you want now that you are equipped to handle one of the most common bathroom plumbing emergencies with ease. You have now become your own plumbing expert. Party on.