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Water heater maintenance

Is There a Ghost in the House, or Does the Water Heater Need To Be Repaired?

Beware of These Haunting Water Heater Sounds

Even though it’s the spooky season, that doesn’t mean the water heater should be making spooky sounds. Popping, screeching, and crackling all indicate different problems with the water heater. Identifying exactly what that means and the recommended course of action can help all homeowners keep their home safe and their water heater in proper working order.

What Was That Popping Sound?

Popping noises, like the type made by a creepy clown with a bunch of balloons, are never something homeowners want to hear in their home. But it’s also one of the most common noises that a water heater can make. 

The usual reason a water heater will make a popping noise is because of excess mineral deposits and other sediment sitting on the bottom of the tank. Homeowners who live in areas with hard water tend to have more issues with popping in their water tank. 

To fix this issue, homeowners should have their water heater serviced regularly. Simply having the water heater flushed will get rid of all of the sediment, debris, and other particulate matter in the bottom of the water heater so that it doesn’t overheat and will stop making that popping noise.

There’s a Screeching in the House

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High pitched screeching is always disconcerting, especially when it happens unexpectedly. However, screeching, even though it can be terrifying, is usually the result of a fairly normal plumbing problem… water flow restriction. 

Specifically, the screeching noise is usually coming from the inlet control valve located on the water heater. An inlet control valve that is partially closed can prevent water from flowing freely through the pipes. That also leads to a build-up of pressure, which can be risky if allowed to continue for an extended amount of time. 

Luckily, there is an easy fix! In addition to regular plumbing maintenance, homeowners should check to verify that the inlet control valve is fully open if they hear a sudden screeching noise. Check the user’s manual for its exact location, which is usually near the water heater tank base.  

Crackling or Cackling?

Neither crackling from the water heater or cackling in the home is normal, even during the spooky season. The good news is, unlike with cackling, crackling has a down to earth explanation. It is usually due to one of two things.

fixing a water heater

The first explanation for a crackling noise coming from the water heater, especially with a gas-powered water heater, is that there may be some condensation on the burner. In this context, the great news is that crackling is typical and does not indicate any major problem. It will eventually burn off on its own, but regular maintenance is always a good idea. 

In some other cases, a crackling noise can indicate that there may be some sediment present in the water heater’s tank. This can be resolved by simply having the water heater serviced by a professional plumber. The tank may just need to be drained and flushed. 

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