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How to Discover a Leak in Your Salt Lake City Home

Water leaks can happen at any time in both old and new Salt Lake City homes. A leak can consist of small droplets that fall from a faucet every few seconds or flowing water. Either way, a leak can waste gallons of water a day and cost you a lot of money over time.

Salt Lake City Leak Detection ServicesWhat are the best ways to discover the presence of a leak?

Some leaks will be out in the open. Other leaks will be located where pipes aren't visible. The next time you suspect a leak in or near your home, consider the following:

Obvious Signs

Indoor faucets and hot and cold lines under sinks are often sources of leaks. Additionally, leaks typically occur around the toilet bowl, water supply line, connector and inside the tank. If the water is lower than normal in the tank, for example, you might need to have the seal replaced. Another obvious sign of a leak is a stain on a wall, ceiling or floor near where water lines run behind those areas.

Not-So-Obvious Signs

It's easy to forget that an outdoor faucet or garden hose can leak. An underground leak can also occur. Signs of a water line break include moisture or mold stains and/or cracks on foundations and concrete patios and walkways. Sudden musty smells anywhere indoor or outdoors can also be a sign of a hidden leak that is providing enough moisture for mold growth. A muddy or soft spot on otherwise dry ground can also indicate a leak.
Corrosion and/or stains on metal or plastic pipes are signs of moisture escaping from the pipe's interior or a pipe above it. These signs also indicate that a pipe or seal is failing because of age or defect. The leak itself might be extremely small, but it can result in costly damage of the line bursts after further erosion.

Professional Assistance

There are times when you can't detect a leak. Sometimes what you think is a “leak” is actually a water-related system, such as an automatic dishwasher, using too much water. When you can't find the source of a high water bill, it is time to hire a plumber to evaluate your water supply situation. A local Salt Lake City plumber will check all water sources for leaks and inefficient water usage.
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