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Helping Contractors Future-Proof Their Business

Gathering in Savannah, GA last month for the Quality Service Contractor's Power Meeting 2018, plumbing and HVAC contractors and service providers from across the U.S. learned ways to future-proof their business. During the meetings held March 6-8, QSC members were shown how they could gain financial freedom and security by raising the next generation of leaders, studying economic forecasts, rolling with technology trends and preparing for disasters. Quality Service Contractors is an Enhanced Service Group of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors National Association.
Presiding over the conference was QSC chairman Lawrence Snow. He was confident the knowledge being imparted over the three-day meeting would help give members more flexibility with their business going forward.
“You want your company to eventually take care of you and give you financial freedom,” he said, “and there are things you can do now, every day, to get the most out of your business later on.”
Those seeking financial freedom must face the prospect of handing over control to a new leader one day. The best way to do so is by fostering young talent and providing them with the tools necessary to take control.
“You have to develop and nurture that talent over time,” Snow said.
Being prepared to face a number of worst-case scenarios can also help protect a business from serious adversity, said Snow. One must be ready to face natural disasters, such as fires and floods, along with those related to the market, including economic downturns and other global events.
“It's too late to figure out your business continuity plan when you need it,” he said. Having a plan ready ahead of time can be handy.
A portion of the conference was also dedicated to teaching members how to deal with changing business landscapes, such as those possibly offered by new technologies.
“Right now there are many traditional industries and business models that are being severely disrupted and challenged by technology,” Snow said. “We cannot take our eyes off the ball.”

Election of Trustee Board

As part of the meeting, elections were held for new QSC trustee board members as part of the event. Four key positions were filled. Dan Callies of Oak Creek Plumbing in Oak Creek, WI was voted chairman to the board of trustees. Jeff Heger of Nixco Plumbing, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH has become vice-chairman. Doug Isley of L.E. Isley & Sons, Inc. in Westfield, IN and Jeff Longspaugh of ClearWater Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX began three-year terms as trustees.

See What Comes Next

As members who attended the conference now know, it just takes a little bit of predictive knowledge and the right amount of preparation to secure a company's long-term future. Staying on the cutting edge of technology and proofing yourself against disastrous circumstances can do a lot to help.
More knowledge can be acquired at the next QSC event, which will be Oct. 10-12 in Albuquerque, NM and is being held in conjunction with PHCC's CONNECT 2018. At this meeting, members will be given the chance to learn about modern business management techniques and new tools that can help them succeed right now.
The PHCC National Association, which was formed in 1883, offers legislative advocacy and training to more than 3,500 plumbing and HVAC businesses along with 70,000 technicians.