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For some people, the trouble with saving water is that they don't know how

When you make a conscious effort to reduce the water that is wasted, you're helping our planet, but you're also reducing energy costs in your home. Your water bill can be reduced with a few simple changes in your Salt Lake City home.

Salt Lake City, UT | Water Usage ServicesTurn off the Tap

When you are standing in the shower washing your hair, the water is running down the drain at an alarming rate. If you turn off the water while washing your hair, you can save as much as 150 gallons per month.
Brushing your teeth and washing your face don't require continuous water. Wet the toothbrush and turn off the tap while brushing. You can turn the faucet back on when rinsing.

Faucet Care

All the faucets in your home should have an aerator. It reduces the water flow through the faucet by 1.5 gallons per minute. That's a lot of water when you're doing dishes or brushing your teeth.
If your faucet is leaking, make sure it's repaired immediately to reduce wasted water. A leaking faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water each year.

Toilets, Flushing and Repairs

Leaking toilets waste a lot of water along with being incredibly annoying. Make sure that the toilet is repaired if it's running or leaking. You can also change to a dual flush design that will save water each time you flush. It's important to keep the toilet running properly to reduce water waste.

Change the Shower Head

While you should definitely reduce the time of your shower to bring down water consumption, you could accomplish the same water conservation by using a high efficiency shower head that reduces the amount of water used in each shower.
An old-fashioned shower head can use up to 60 percent more water than a high efficiency one.

Around the Home

Check for leaks around the home from the various pipes. This includes leaks in the pipes leading to outdoor faucets or spigots. Any leaks in the hose connections to outdoor watering systems can waste a large amount of water too.
With a few simple changes, you can reduce water consumption in your Salt Lake City home. It'll reduce your water bill while helping to conserve a precious resource.

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