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Discover These General Plumbing Myths

Fact or fiction? Truth or lies? Myth or reality? Sometimes it's not so easy to know the difference. Some stories seem completely believable despite being completely false, while others appear so fantastic that we believe incorrectly that they could never happen. Some stories and beliefs related to the plumbing in your home fall within these categories. Here are just a few examples.

A Snake Can Mysteriously Appear In Your Toilet - Truerats-in-pipes

It's creepy enough to make anybody's skin crawl, but it's also possible. Snakes don't usually frequent the sewer system unless they're chasing rats or frogs that call it home. These animals are capable of crawling through the pipes to eventually reach your toilet bowl.
Of course, if you live in a place where snakes aren’t commonly found, chances are very slim that you'd ever find one in your toilet. But you could find a rat or frog.
If the mere thought of lifting the lid and finding a critter below gives you the heebie-jeebies, you can have a multi-flap installed. These devices allow waste and water to escape your toilet while preventing any wildlife from entering.

clogged-drainsA Toilet Plunger Is the Only Tool You'll Ever Need to Get Rid of a Clog - False

Plungers are great at eliminating a clog when too much paper has been sent down the toilet. They can also be effective for removing clogs in your sink when they're located in close proximity of the drain.
Tougher clogs or those further removed from the drain will require special tools that are at the disposal of any qualified plumbing professional. They include augers and a state-of-the-art process known as hydrojetting. This method uses a concentrated stream of pressurized water sent down the pipe to blast away even the most stubborn blockage.

Under The Right Circumstances, Your Water Heater Could Blast Off Through the Roof – True

A great deal of heat and pressure can build up inside a residential water heater. They are built to be able to handle extreme pressure. They also have a built-in safety mechanism that relieves excess pressure when it climbs to dangerous levels. That's why the temperature pressure relief valve on top of your water heater is a critical component to your family's safety.
If it gets stuck or malfunctions and the internal pressure of your tank can't be relieved, the tank could potentially explode.
We recommend testing your temperature pressure relief valve periodically to make sure that it functions and allows hot water to escape. It's also a good idea to have your water heater maintained every year by an experienced professional.
At Valley Plumbing, we are always looking out for our customers’ well-being and safety. So, when you need an experienced plumber for your Salt Lake City home, call us at 801-341-4222 to book your appointment.