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Damaged Sewer Line 101

Sewer line problems can turn into a real nightmare, one that no homeowner wants to face. Being able to correctly identify the early signs that a sewer line may be in need of repair can minimize household discomfort and inconvenience as well as ensure that repair cost can be kept as low as possible. Failing to take action early on can lead to additional problems, like rodent or mold infestations that significantly increase repair-related costs. When it comes to dealing with broken sewer lines, knowing when to call in a professional plumber in the Salt Lake City area is never an issue that should be left up to chance.

 Salt Lake City, UT sewer-line-repair-1Sewer Backups, Blockages and Odors

Sewer-line backups typically occur at the lowest open drain. Backups are commonly caused by a blockage somewhere in the line or system.
Backups that occur with each flush or every time water is run in a sink or tub are a strong indication that the sewer line is at fault. All drains run to the main sewer line and if it becomes blocked, it may lead to backups for multiple drains and fixtures. The problems caused by a clogged or broken main sewer line are rarely isolated.
The strong and distinctive odor of sewer gas is another common sign that a problem may be present. Even a small crack in the sewer line can lead to unpleasant odors that occur in or around the home.
Sanitary sewer lines need to be airtight at all points except for the vent stacks located along the roof. Lines that have been cracked, broken or compromised can suffer from reduced flow rates that often lead to chronic clogging and poor drainage. The presence of sewer gas odors means that it is time to schedule a maintenance call.

Lawn Deformation, Drywall Cracks and Lush Patches of Grass Growth

Another indication that a sewer line may have broken is the appearance of an indention in a lawn, paved area or landscaped environment. A cracked main line is constantly saturating the surrounding soil which will cause the lawn to develop a tell tale depression or indentation.
Soil dissipation may be less easily identified in landscaped areas, but the presence of sudden erosion or isolated patches of lush grass and vegetation growth can still alert property-owners that a problem is present.
The same soil dissipation that can create a lawn depression can cause far more serious problems if it occurs under a home. Cracked and leaking sewer lines have the potential to damage foundations, drywall and even the structural integrity of a home. Cracks that appear in drywall, the presence of a sinkhole or other issue with foundation settlement should always be addressed without delay.

Rodent Infestations

Sewage leaks can lead to any number of infestations that may cause further harm to the property or require expensive services in order to address. Leaking pipes and cracked sewage lines can increase interior humidity levels which creates the perfect environment for molds and mildew. The presence of mold growth in combination with the strong odor of sewage gas may indicate a damaged sewage line located behind a wall or underneath a floor.
A rodent infestation is another sign that sewer lines may have become compromised. Rats and other rodents live in sewers and can make their way into the home from the main line and into walls and floors. The average rat is able to squeeze through a crack in a sanitary sewer line that may be less than an inch in size. Property owners in the Salt Lake City area who are dealing with a rodent infestation or rat problem can benefit from having their sewer line and plumbing system inspected by a professional.

 Salt Lake City, UT sewer-line-repair-2Sewer Line Damage and Repair

Cast-iron sewer lines and other pipes typically begin to experience problems after 25 to 35 years of use. Other issues, like freezing pipes and even harm done during home renovations or landscaping projects can cause damage to pipes at any time.
Tree root intrusion, channeling, and misaligned connections can also cause sewer lines to fail at any time. Whatever the cause of the problem, taking action without delay is essential for minimizing the extent of the damage and ensuring that cleanup and repair costs do not get out of hand.
Some symptoms of a sewer line problem, like the presence of pooling sewage in outdoor areas, may be difficult to miss while other symptoms may require a professional assessment in order to detect and identify. Scheduling a service appointment at the first sign of a problem or arranging for annual inspections of plumbing systems and sewer lines can ensure that property owners will be less likely to find themselves faced with additional problems.

Seeking Service From the Best

Not every service provider may have the tools and experience needed to accurately identify the source of a sewer line problem and ensure effective repairs are made. Second rate repair work or assessments that may miss the early warning signs that a problem may be developing can help minimize the risk that property owners will be faced with further problems and additional expenses in the days to come.
When it comes to protecting your home and property from the damages and inconvenience that a sewer line problem may cause, it always pays to do business with the best.
For quality sewer line repairs in your Salt Lake City, UT  home, call Valley Plumbing at 801-341-4222.