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Leaky faucet maintenance: dripping faucet

Common Causes of Leaky Faucets in the Home

Stop Wasting Money and Fix Those Leaks! 

Leaks are one of the most common and costly sources of water waste in any household, which can spike water bills. Every drop of water lost to a leaking faucet, shower head, or toilet adds up quickly. Even a slow leak from just one faucet can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water each year, so to prevent wasting money on water costs, leaking taps should be fixed or replaced immediately. 

This blog will share three common causes of leaking faucets. Whether homeowners decide to tackle these repairs themselves or call for reinforcements from a plumber, knowing the cause of a leaky faucet is the first step.

Worn O-Rings

faucet o ring exploded viewA worn-out O-ring can cause dripping near the handle of the faucet. O-rings are typically made from rubber and form a seal that prevents water from leaking out. Over time, these seals may weaken or become damaged due to wear and tear, causing them to lose effectiveness and leak. 

A broken or worn-out O-ring can let water seep through, causing a slow but steady drip near the handle. In order to fix this issue, replacing the worn-out O-ring with a new one is necessary. This involves taking apart the faucet and replacing the old O-ring with a new one, but it’s essential to ensure the replacement is the exact dimension of the previous O-ring.

Worn Washers

A washer is a circular piece that can be made of several materials that reduce friction between two surfaces, such as nuts and bolts. When a washer becomes worn out or corroded over time, it can cause leakage at the spout. This is because the worn-out material will no longer provide an effective barrier between the two surfaces, resulting in water escaping from the tap’s spout. 

In order to repair the issue, it is necessary to replace the worn-out or corroded washer with a new one, ensuring that leaks are prevented in the future. Washers can weaken or crack from corrosion over time due to harsh water conditions and mineral deposits.

Damaged Valve Seats

rusted metal valveA corroded valve seat can also cause water to leak or drip from the spout, as the seal between the valve seat and the stem is broken. A valve seat is part of a valve that serves as a surface that seals off against fluid pressure. It takes the load of closing and opening the valve, preventing water flow when it’s closed. 

When a valve seat is corroded, it can no longer properly seal against the stem, and water will leak through. This is why it’s essential to replace it if it becomes corroded or damaged. If left unchecked, corrosion could lead to more serious issues, such as contamination or system failure. So, don’t delay. Repair faucet leaks and start saving money today. 

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