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3 Ways to Tell if Your Drains Need Cleaning

signs that your home needs drain cleaningPipe maintenance is an often overlooked, yet dearly important part of taking care of your home. A leaky faucet with a rate of one drop per second can waste over 3,000 gallons of water a year, the equivalent of over 180 showers!
And if you're the one who pays the water bills, then you know it would have cost much less to schedule a visit from your local plumbing services.
Hiring a professional to fix problems such as these can save homeowners nearly 10% on their water bills. In addition to saving you money, keeping an eye out for signs that your home needs drain cleaning can grant you peace of mind and save you from having a huge inconvenience -- and mess -- on your hands. Your home's drains serve one simple purpose: carrying waste away from your home. And when something goes wrong, there's only one place for all that waste to go...
Here are three ways to tell if your drains need cleaning:
1. What's That Smell?
Number one on our list of signs that your home needs drain cleaning is the smell. Do you have a kitchen, bathroom, or basement that has an unpleasant odor in it that just won't go away? Don't wait, it's only one of many common household plumbing issues that can turn into a plumbing emergency if you're not vigilant! Frequently smelly drains are the tell-tale sign that food or fecal matter has begun to build up in your drain.
2. Overflowing Toilets
Possibly the most worrisome and definitive of signs that your home needs drain cleaning is when your toilet overflows. The most important thing to do is to remain calm and try to plunge into the toilet. If that doesn't work, immediately call for emergency plumbing services so they can clear your drains.
3. Slow Drains or Clogs
While a slow-draining sink or shower can be more annoying than it is alarming, it could indicate deeper issues below the surface. Your home plumbing is made up of two separate subsystems: one that brings freshwater in, and one that takes wastewater out. A slow-moving drain that doesn't clear up with regular household decloggers may require a professional plumber.
To get the most out of your drains for the longest amount of time, clean your drains regularly, either on your own or with the help of a plumber that provides drain cleaning services. A healthy drain system is a key to a healthy home!