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main water line shutoff lehi, utah

Relocate Main Water Line and Shut-off Valve for Easier Access in Lehi, Utah

The water’s wild adventure in Lehi, Utah! 🏞️ So, you won’t believe it, but the main water line and its trusty sidekick, the shutoff valve, are playing hide and seek in the crawl space. 🕵️‍♂️ That’s all fine and dandy, but what if we need to turn off the water without going on a spelunking expedition?

Ta-da! I heroically shut off the water to the humble abode, snipped that water line, and moved it right inside the garage. Now these amazing customers can play the water control game from the comfort of their home sweet home in Lehi. No more crawl space adventures. 🏡

After my plumbing magic, I turned the water back on, held my breath (figuratively, of course), and checked for any sneaky leaks. All good in the hood! 🚰 No leaks, and water’s flowing like a champ.

I even gave our new wall pipe a fancy cover-up with an access panel.  It’s all about keeping things stylish, you know?

So, that’s my water-tastic story for today in lovely Lehi, Utah! If you have any questions or just want to chat about pipes and stuff, don’t hesitate to holler. I’m here to keep our H2O adventures smooth and worry-free! 💧🔧

Five shining stars for an outstanding job! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"EXTREMELY happy with their services! I’ve been wanting to find a kind and trustworthy plumbing company to hire for all my plumbing jobs and I believe they are it. Provided estimate on spot which I was happy with/agreed to, and they performed the service right away same day very timely. (Relocation of main water line valve) Thank you guys! You are officially in my “go-to” book."
Excavation in Ogden, Utah

Excavation in Ogden, Utah

Hold onto your shovels, folks, because we’ve just pulled off a plumbing excavation magic trick right here in Ogden, Utah! We started this adventure with a mission: replacing an 810-foot section of 4-inch SDRPVC pipe. It’s like the Great Escape, but for your sewage system!

We dug deep, literally, going 6 feet on the north side of your home in Ogden, unveiling the sewer lateral like it was a hidden treasure. But oh, there was a naughty 10-foot section that needed to go, and it went bye-bye faster than a squirrel with a stolen cookie.

In its place, we introduced a brand-new, squeaky-clean 4-inch SDRPVC sewer pipe, the superhero of the plumbing world. We even gave it a gravel and compacting spa day to make sure it stays put. Then, we buried it with all the grace of a treasure hunter marking the spot with an “X.”

And your yard in Ogden? Don’t worry, we put on our green thumbs and restored it like we were auditioning for a reality gardening show. We promise it’s prettier than ever.

But wait, there’s more! We offer a one-year warranty, and we’ve got all the permits and inspections wrapped up like a well-tied magic trick. Your plumbing is now performing like a seasoned stand-up comic, and the job is officially a wrap! . 🏡🪄

Toilet Installation Riverton, Utah

Installed New Toilet in Lehi, Utah

Well, we’ve wrapped up the plumbing adventure right here in Lehi, Utah! First, we bid farewell to the old, creaky water closet – it’s now living its retired life in plumbing heaven. 

In its place, we introduced the star of the show, the new Kohler Cimarron elongated ADA slow-close toilet – it’s like the royalty of toilets! And, for a dash of style and safety, we’ve added an 18″ grab bar, making your bathroom feel like a secret agent’s lair. 🚽🎉

Leaky Faucet Lehi, Utah

Leaky Tub Faucet in Riverton, Utah

Hold onto your rubber duckies, because we’ve triumphed over the mischievous tub faucet in Riverton, Utah! This little rascal thought it could turn your bathroom into a waterpark, but we showed it who’s boss.

First, we bid adieu to the troublemaker tub faucet, sending it off to faucet retirement heaven. Then, we put on our detective hats, did some Sherlock-level diagnosing, and uncovered the leak’s secret hideout.

After an assessment that would make NASA jealous, we’ve put a stop to the aquatic escapades. Your bathroom in Riverton, Utah is now leak-free and ready for action. So, next time you turn on that faucet, remember, it’s now a well-behaved member of the plumbing society. 🛁🎉

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