Hydrojetting Can Solve Several Causes of Sewer Line Issues

Expert Plumbers in West Jordan, UT, Discuss Hydrojetting and Causes of Sewer Line Problems it Can Help Solve

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Exploring Hydrojetting

Hydrojetting is done with a specialized cleaning tool and method that uses high-pressure water to clean out a plumbing system. This high-pressure water is used to remove blockages or buildup in pipes.

Hydrojetting must be done by a professional because of the dangers and damage that someone untrained could cause. Also, hydrojetting is currently the only professional method for cleaning sewer lines. This article will provide homeowners with the causes of sewer line problems that hydrojetting can help with to determine if it’s the right fit for their plumbing needs.

Hydrojetting Tree Rootstree roots

tree roots
Several objects can enter a sewer line and cause a clog. Tree roots are surprisingly one of those objects because of their proximity to sewer pipes underground. Tree roots are likely to penetrate sewer pipes because of the water flowing through them. After the roots enter the line, they expand in search of the water in the pipe. The roots can put pressure on the pipe when it expands, which can cause the pipe to break.

Luckily, hydrojetting can help a household's tree root problems. Because of the extreme pressure from the hydro jet, the water can cut through the tree roots and break them down. This method will likely need to be combined with a leak repair for tree roots because there will probably be a leak from where the tree roots entered the line.

Exploring Hydrojetting

cooking greaseGrease is one of the most common causes of sewer line clogs as it sticks to the side of pipes and will build up over time. This happens because grease solidifies after flowing into the sink. The solidified grease will collect other objects that are put down a drain and block the water flow causing a major clogging issue. Grease can be cleared by hydrojetting as well.

Because of the pressurized water from the hydro jet, the hardened grease and the debris it has collected will break up and go down the drain. The hydro-jet will also clean the inside of the pipes, removing any other residue and debris to clear the drain and prevent future clogs.

Hydrojetting Non-Flushable Materials

Never putting non-flushable materials down the drain might seem obvious, but some materials might seem like they can be flushed when they actually can’t. Many items should not be put down drains, and it’s important to know what those materials are. Things like feminine hygiene products, flushable wipes, paper towels, and cotton balls are some materials that need to be disposed of another way and never put down or flushed down drains.

These materials can build up over time and cause blockages in a drain pipe. Even if time passes after homeowners successfully flush these items, eventually, there can be a major clog. Like clearing grease build-up and tree roots, hydro jetting can also successfully clear drain pipes from non-flushable materials. Homeowners should call a professional as soon as possible if any items get stuck in their sewer pipes.

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How To Care for Your Sewer Main

Common Sewer Main Problems

Common Sewer Main Problems

Having a clogged main sewer line can be a nightmare. The waste buildup will start to stink up your house. Water could start coming back up out of the sewer system.  The sewer water also won’t drain properly and strange noises can come from the drains. The function of a sewer drain, why you need to service it, and how to maintain it are all explained in this article.

How Does Your Home’s Sewer Line Work

How Does Your Home’s Sewer Line Work
The main sewer line is responsible for removing all of the waste from bathtubs, sinks, and toilets from the home and into your neighborhood’s sewer system. Branches from the mainline are attached to each individual appliance that produces waste. The system is a series of pipes that use gravity to remove the waste from your house to the city sewer line.

Common Sewer Service Issues 

There are many reasons why you might need to have your sewer serviced. The most common and well-known cause for sewer problems is a clogged sewer drain. This usually happens because an item that was too big for the sewer line was disposed of. Common items that cause these clogs are wipes, cat litter, and tampons. Products that are large but advertised as flushable are still better suited to being thrown away in the trash. 

Another common sewer problem is the sewer smell. A lot of people think a bad smell means the sewer line is clogged, but this is not always the case. The smell could be traced to an open drain cap. The cap is meant to keep the sewer smell out of your home. Trees are also common problems. As trees grow, the tree roots branch out and onto the sewer system. Sometimes these tree roots can cause blockages in the sewer system. Even worse is that trees with heavy roots can cause the pipes in the sewer line to collapse.

Pipes that are old or are made of a material other than PVC pipe have a high probability of deteriorating over time. The deteriorated pipes can collapse, breaking up the sewer line. Pipes that have sunk into the ground over time also cause a problem, creating an area for waste to pool together.

How to Prevent Sewer Clogging

How to Prevent Sewer CloggingIf you take care of and maintain your sewer over time, then you can prevent many of the events that lead to sewer mishaps. Inspecting your septic tank every few years or so will alert you to any possible problems you might have with your sewer line. If you fear that there may be a clog of some sort, hire professionals to clean out the sewer line. That way, even if there’s not, you have avoided a problem. 

To prevent tree roots from growing on the pipes, plant your trees further away from the sewer line. Also, if your pipes are old or not made of PVC pipe, consider having your pipes replaced. While a lot of work upfront, this can save you from having a clog mishap in the future.

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