Why Professional Drain Cleaning is So Important

Prevent Costly Plumbing Mishaps With Regular Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning is more than just unclogging pipes. It is also an important part of plumbing maintenance that helps prevent many plumbing issues and their consequences. If plumbing is only given thought when it is causing problems, then it can get worse and more expensive. This article will share the benefits of routine professional drain cleaning and why homeowners should get it to prevent plumbing disasters.

Drain Cleaning Prevents Clogs

plumberRegular drain cleaning prevents clogs by removing the buildup that may be caking the interior of the pipes. By preventing clogs, it can also prevent inconvenient signs of clogs like slow draining, foul odors, and water backing up into the sink or bathtub. Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning method using a high-pressure stream of water to break up clogs and remove buildup from pipe walls.

Professionals can use hydro jetting to remove buildup and prevent clogs, which has many advantages over chemical drain cleaning methods. Professionals do not recommend chemical drain cleaners because the chemicals that can help dissolve clogs can also cause corrosion that weakens the pipes. 

Drain Cleaning Helps Lower the Risk of Flooding and Water Damage

plumberWhen a clog gets to the point that it has completely blocked a pipe, it may seem that it has nowhere to go, but if the lines have been weakened by age or corrosion, other plumbing disasters can follow close on the heels of the clog. Additional issues that clogs can cause are:

  • Leaks: Pressure in the pipes can cause a breach in the line. Leaks usually start small and grow over time, but even the smallest leaks can waste significant amounts of water and cause flooding and water damage.
  • Burst Pipes: Pipe bursts can also occur due to the pressure buildup in the pipes from a clog and can also cause water waste, flooding, and water damage, but typically at a faster rate.  
  • Flooding and Water Damage: Flooding and water damage can result from water backups, leaks, and burst pipes, which can cause significant property damage and lead to more costly repairs and cleanups.

Drain Cleaning Makes Expensive Repairs and Cleanups Less Likely

Regular drain cleaning is vital to plumbing maintenance and can help reduce the need for expensive repairs and cleanups due to clogs. By keeping drains clean on an ongoing basis, homeowners can help prevent blockages from occurring in the first place, resulting in fewer repairs down the road and less risk of flooding and other costly plumbing disasters. 

Regularly cleaning drains will also help homeowners avoid the costs associated with hiring a professional plumber to carry out emergency cleanups or repairs, which can be expensive compared to routine drain cleaning visits. So if homeowners want to save money, time, and hassle in the long term, routine drain cleaning is essential to their plumbing maintenance plan.

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Why Homeowners Should Hire a Professional Plumber

Benefits of Calling a Professional Right Away 

Plumbing issues are a frequent occurrence for homeowners. Some plumbing problems are more common than others, such as clogged toilets or drains, slow draining sinks, faucets and pipes that leak and drip, and sewage backup issues. 

When these problems occur, they can be frustrating and monetarily stressful. Many homeowners decide to try and tackle these issues on their own to save money instead of hiring a professional. Unfortunately, this often backfires, and homeowners end up spending even more money on DIY repairs than they would have on hiring a professional. For this reason and many others, it’s important to seek the assistance of a professional the moment plumbing issues are noticed. 

The benefits of seeking professional help extend beyond just monetary issues. There are many reasons a homeowner should hire a professional rather than attempt a DIY plumbing fix. 

Mistakes Can Be Expensive 

diyMoney is typically the main reason homeowners try a DIY plumbing solution. What they don’t realize, though, is that these DIY fixes can be even more costly than hiring a professional. 

Unlike the average homeowner, professional plumbers possess the knowledge and experience required to make complicated repairs – and since plumbing systems can be quite complex, hiring a professional who knows what they’re doing can actually save homeowners money. 

For example, a homeowner who lacks the knowledge of these complex systems can make costly mistakes that could cause even more damage to the plumbing system and the property, resulting in additional expensive repairs. 

DIY Requires More Time & Energy 

time Professional plumbers have years of training, experience, and plumbing knowledge. This allows professionals to work not only quicker but more efficiently than DIYers, too. On the other hand, homeowners who decide to go the DIY route risk spending unnecessary time and energy on a project that plumbers could otherwise complete much quicker. 

With their knowledge and expertise, professional plumbers can also offer homeowners advice on maintaining their plumbing systems and avoiding future problems, saving homeowners time, effort, and money in the long run. 

Rest Easy by Avoiding DIY  

Homeowners can rest easy when they hire a qualified plumber knowing that their plumbing issues will be resolved properly, especially since professional plumbers are typically licensed and insured. Insurance covers any damage or mistakes the plumber makes while working to protect the homeowner from financial responsibility or unexpected costs. 

However, if a homeowner attempts a plumbing repair themselves and makes similarly costly mistakes, there is no insurance, and the homeowner is left to pay the additional expenses. When homeowners hire a professional, the plumbing system is in the best hands, and they don’t have to worry about expensive mistakes, which should offer them peace of mind and allow them to relax. 

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Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is a family-owned business with over a decade of experience serving West Jordan, UT, and the surrounding areas. They provide honest pricing, superior customer service, a hassle-free experience, and 24/7 live answer. Call them today for plumbing services in West Jordan, UT.

How to fix a toilet like a pro

Commandments on How to Fix a Toilet Like a Professional Plumber

What Tools Does a Plumber Use to Fix a Toilet?

Toilet repairs can be a hassle. Sometimes a plunger just won’t cut it, and it’s time to call in the professionals. However, with the right plumbing tools, many repairs can have DIY solutions. If you want to know more about what tools and techniques a plumber uses to fix the toilet, keep reading for a complete overview of the topic.

There are a variety of services that plumbing companies offer such as unclogging drains, fixing flush problems, and replacing old parts. Each of these problems requires a different set of tools to get the job done. For replacing or repairing a toilet like a pro you will need wrenches and pliers to work with the metal components of the toilet, as well as things like a plunger or snake for clearing drains, to start with. This article is focused specifically on the tools needed for toilet repairs and maintenance.

Best Practices for Repairing Toilet

repairing toiletTo repair the toilet yourself you will need to have the correct tools. These may include wrenches, cutters, and files. You should also be sure to have the correct replacement parts on hand if necessary. A lot of problems can be solved by simply replacing old and worn out parts.

To secure the parts to the toilet, you may need clips to hold things in place temporarily as well as screwdrivers and wrenches for forming stronger connections. If your toilet has a low flush pressure it is probably caused by the flapper.

Replacing the flapper regularly can solve these problems before they occur. If the toilet isn’t running properly, it can be wasting water and running up your bills so it is important to stay on top of maintenance and repairs. Noises coming from the toilet are often one of the first signs that something is wrong.

The Best Tools For Unclogging a Toilet

If you’ve tried to use a plunger and it hasn’t worked, don’t worry! There are other tools for unclogging available that are used by professional plumbers. Keeping some of these tools around the house can reduce the number of times you may need to call a plumber. Clogged drains are caused by the build-up of dirt over time or some sort of large object flushed down the toilet that has become lodged.

tools for unclogging

Paper and napkins should never be flushed down the toilet, and toilet paper can also be guilty of causing clogs. Liquid drain cleaners are very toxic and should be avoided at all costs. Try using an auger or snake to dislodge the clog manually. An auger is a metal device that rotates as it’s pushed into the drain via the crank system for a powerful clean.

Replacing a Toilet Yourself

replacing a toiletFor toilet installation and replacement, it’s usually best to leave it to the professionals. However, if you are planning on doing it yourself or you just want to know more about the process, there are several tools that can be utilized to make replacing a toilet go smoothly.

When you purchase a new replacement toilet all of the necessary components should hopefully be included with the box. Using a combination of wrenches, screwdrivers, and other tools, you should be able to replace a toilet yourself.

You will need the right kind of wrench to tighten plumbing connections, and you will also need clips to hold things in place temporarily and maybe even soldering materials and a file for cutting and smoothing down pipes.

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