Why Homeowners Should Hire a Professional Plumber

Benefits of Calling a Professional Right Away 

Plumbing issues are a frequent occurrence for homeowners. Some plumbing problems are more common than others, such as clogged toilets or drains, slow draining sinks, faucets and pipes that leak and drip, and sewage backup issues. 

When these problems occur, they can be frustrating and monetarily stressful. Many homeowners decide to try and tackle these issues on their own to save money instead of hiring a professional. Unfortunately, this often backfires, and homeowners end up spending even more money on DIY repairs than they would have on hiring a professional. For this reason and many others, it’s important to seek the assistance of a professional the moment plumbing issues are noticed. 

The benefits of seeking professional help extend beyond just monetary issues. There are many reasons a homeowner should hire a professional rather than attempt a DIY plumbing fix. 

Mistakes Can Be Expensive 

diyMoney is typically the main reason homeowners try a DIY plumbing solution. What they don’t realize, though, is that these DIY fixes can be even more costly than hiring a professional. 

Unlike the average homeowner, professional plumbers possess the knowledge and experience required to make complicated repairs – and since plumbing systems can be quite complex, hiring a professional who knows what they’re doing can actually save homeowners money. 

For example, a homeowner who lacks the knowledge of these complex systems can make costly mistakes that could cause even more damage to the plumbing system and the property, resulting in additional expensive repairs. 

DIY Requires More Time & Energy 

time Professional plumbers have years of training, experience, and plumbing knowledge. This allows professionals to work not only quicker but more efficiently than DIYers, too. On the other hand, homeowners who decide to go the DIY route risk spending unnecessary time and energy on a project that plumbers could otherwise complete much quicker. 

With their knowledge and expertise, professional plumbers can also offer homeowners advice on maintaining their plumbing systems and avoiding future problems, saving homeowners time, effort, and money in the long run. 

Rest Easy by Avoiding DIY  

Homeowners can rest easy when they hire a qualified plumber knowing that their plumbing issues will be resolved properly, especially since professional plumbers are typically licensed and insured. Insurance covers any damage or mistakes the plumber makes while working to protect the homeowner from financial responsibility or unexpected costs. 

However, if a homeowner attempts a plumbing repair themselves and makes similarly costly mistakes, there is no insurance, and the homeowner is left to pay the additional expenses. When homeowners hire a professional, the plumbing system is in the best hands, and they don’t have to worry about expensive mistakes, which should offer them peace of mind and allow them to relax. 

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The Real Hidden Object Game: Water Line Leak Detection

Advice for Recognizing the Signs of Hidden Water Leaks

There is perhaps nothing as annoying as a dripping faucet, but this is the most noticeable and least damaging water leak. However, hidden pipe leaks can cause a huge problem, especially when they go unnoticed. Whether it is caused by tree roots, corroded pipes, or human error, the results of underground pipe leaks are the same. This article will share ways to know if the home has a water leak and when to call in the professionals.

Clues That a Home has an Underground Water Leak

water billThe first step in hidden leak repair is to determine that there is a leak. Several easy-to-identify signs may indicate the presence of a break in the water supply line. The major ones are listed below.

  • Yard Swamp: If there are wet spots in the yard when there is no rain or areas where the grass seems to grow more quickly, this can indicate a crack in the water pipes.
  • Low Pressure: If the water pressure decreases to a noticeable degree throughout the house, the problem may be a leaky pipe.
  • Higher Water Bills: If the water bill seems to spike when consumption has not increased, this may result from a pipe break.
  • Water Damage to Walls and Home Structure: If there is evidence of water damage, it may have come from a hidden leak.
  • Mold or Mildew: The presence of mold or mildew in odd places can indicate a leak.

If any of these signs are present, a homeowner can move on to the next step in checking for leaks.

Become the Water Meter Monitor

If a homeowner suspects that their home has a hidden water leak, a good way to test it is to perform a water meter test. This involves shutting off the water main and monitoring the meter to see if there is any movement. 

If the meter continues to move while the water main is shut off, there is a leak.  When a leak is confirmed, it is time to call in the professionals for water line leak detection. Homeowners should not put off leak repair because the longer a leak is left alone, the more damage it can do.

Know When to Call in the Professionals

professionalWhen there is a hidden water leak, a good plumbing company will have the proper tools to find it and repair it. There are several different methods that plumbers and plumbing technicians use for leak detection. Here are a few of the techniques that can be used:

  • Sonic Detection: This method uses sound waves (much like radar or ultrasound imaging) to find the leak's location. Irregularities in the vibrations along the pipe will let the plumbing pro determine the exact location of the leak, and then they can make a plan on how to proceed.
  • Thermal Imaging: Temperature detection may seem like an odd method for leak detection, but it makes sense when a person considers that the pipe would register as a line of a single temperature, whether hot or cold, and movement outside that space would be easy to see.
  • Inside Pipe Detection: The final leak detection method is performed by placing a sensor within the pipe that can detect variations in pressure through sonic, pressure, or electromagnetic means. 

A professional plumber can determine the proper repair method once the leak is found in the underground plumbing.

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The Great Women Who Influenced the Plumbing Industry

Who are Famous Women in the Plumbing Industry?

The plumbing industry was not always open to the public. Instead, women had to fight for their place and right to work in this trade. As most homeowners know, Women’s history month is about learning the struggles women had to go through to vote, read, and get jobs!

Some of these women stood up against foul injustices and created a safe working space for all men and women. Female plumbers are a rare find, but they are by no means invisible or non-existent. Listed below, readers will learn about programs and women who made an impact.


Women in Plumbing

The number of women in plumbing is climbing, but it is important to understand that the number is still low! The trades industry has a long way to climb about gender diversity.

Currently, only 5% of the plumbing population is made up of women plumbers. They are still extremely rare, but the number does climb each year. As women have the opportunity to educate themselves with apprenticeship programs, the numbers increase.

Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Plumbers

Interestingly, the Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Plumbers was first made up of men! While it is now a national plumbing association, the first few people who joined this club or committee were women whose husbands were plumbers.

To bring new events and celebrations, the women who joined the club were in charge of creating social events! Men placed their wives in this club and spent most of their time drinking, socializing, and eating while the women prepared everything.

As men began leaving the Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Plumbers, large changes started to happen. Suddenly, many of the women who were just wives and social party creators wanted to learn about plumbing.

In just a few short years, the Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Plumbers became a meeting spot for change and female social justice.

Celebrating Lillian Ann Baumbach

plumbing woman Lillian Ann Baumbach should be a household name! This woman was dubbed as the ‘pretty plumber’ in 1950 when she earned the title of the first women master plumber. While some women excelled in this industry, they were not master plumbers.

Master plumber is a title given to the best of the best with over ten years of experience and can train young apprentice plumbers in the field. Lillian Ann Baumbach was lucky enough to have a father in this trade industry. She fought hard to learn afterward.

Her father taught her at the young age of seven the basics of plumbing, and by twelve, she was an honorary helper, working with him on various jobs. As a feminist icon, she has inspired many women- enough to get cards and letters written to her for years!

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Remember Plumbers Around the Holiday Table This Month

Essential Plumbing Services to Be Grateful For

It’s that time of year. The time of year when families get together and sit around a feast. There are so many things to be thankful for that there will certainly be a few things that are left out, but plumbers shouldn’t be one of them. 

Normally, no one thinks to be grateful for plumbers, but a local contractor is looking to change that this year. These technicians offer some reasons why everyone should be grateful for plumbers who make the holidays go just a little smoother. 

Emergency Clogged Toilet Repairstoilet

One thing that can ruin any holiday, or any day for that matter, is a clogged toilet. During the holidays more people travel, so the commode becomes a much more popular place than usual. With all the extra work a toilet has to do, a clog can easily form and throw dinner into chaos. 

Instead of waiting till disaster strikes, look for these signs that indicate a toilet clog may be coming:

  • Frequent minor clogs
  • Slow flushing
  • Weak flushes
  • Long refill time
  • Noxious odors

If any of these are present, a preventative maintenance visit from a plumber can help prevent a holiday disaster. 

water heater Reliable Water Heater Repair Service

Readily available hot water is more than just a bathtime comfort. Hot water is a large part of society’s hygiene program through handwashing, dishwashing, and keeping clothes clean. So when the hot water runs out, it is both an inconvenience and a danger. The problem needs to get solved quickly!

Plumbers spend a not-inconsequential amount of their time ensuring that homeowners have access to high-quality hot water. Through water heater installation services, they give homeowners the power to access the necessity of hot water. Through reliable repair services, they ensure that hot water flows with good water heater maintenance service. 

When it comes time to replace a water heater, upgrading may be the best choice. Tankless water heaters are the newest design of water heaters that provide endless hot water at a lower cost than a traditional unit. Local plumbers will be glad to help by replacing outdated conventional water heaters. 

Sewer Line Installation and Inspection

The sewer in a home is just as important as the fixtures that bring in freshwater. Without a sewer, how would dirty water and waste drain away from the house? Holiday cooking can take an unexpected turn if food scraps and grease are discarded down the sink. Add to that the water coming from guests’ showers and bathroom breaks, and it’s a recipe for problems. 

Don’t take chances with a sewer backup over the holidays. A competent plumber can perform sewer line repairs that get at the heart of the cause of sewer problems. They can also perform maintenance that can prevent clogs from ruining holiday festivities. Schedule preventative service before the holidays, and remember to raise a glass to plumbing heroes.

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Three Plumbing Problems That Can Ruin Summer Fun

Plumbing Problems Can Wreck Summer Plans

Summer is fast approaching, meaning that many homeowners and their families are gearing up for fun outdoor plans. From barbeques to outdoor sports, gardening to family get-togethers and everything in between, the summer fun never ends! Well, the fun never ends...assuming that homeowners can avoid plumbing issues.

Homeowners can run into very pesky plumbing problems in different parts of their outdoor plumbing. These issues can range from relatively minor to extremely severe, so homeowners must keep an eye out for early warning signs to avoid bigger issues in the long run and to keep the summer fun going!

Sprinkler System Breakssprinkler

The first issue for homeowners to beware of involves sprinkler system breaks. Sprinkler systems typically run underground and control the flow of water, but these can easily malfunction due to several different factors. One of the most common issues occurs when debris blocks sprinkler valves. In these situations, the valves get “stuck” and are unable to open or close.

In addition to stuck valves, sprinkler systems can have broken lines from a number of different natural causes, such as excessive overhead soil pressure, overgrown tree roots, and invasive animals. The third type of sprinkler system break occurs if there are burst pipes resulting from improper water drainage before winter or excessive frozen soil pressure.

These can ultimately impede the proper functioning of sprinkler systems and therefore hamper the ability to control water flow.

Hose Bib Issueshose

The second issue for homeowners to beware of involves hose bib issues. Hose bibs function along with outdoor hoses and essentially act as “faucets.” There are many different signs that may indicate problems with hose bibs, including:
  • Abnormal sounds during use
  • Debris buildups or rusting
  • Physical damages to components of the hose bib
  • Water leaks around the hose bib area
  • Pooling water

Issues with hose bibs can be problematic since they can lead to structural damage around the area where the hose bib is positioned (sometimes even damage to the housing structure itself, depending on the extent). Carefully monitoring this area will allow homeowners to manage repairs as needed and seek professional help if necessary.

Worst Case: Sewer Line Damage

Sprinkler system breaks and hose bib issues can be problematic, but one of the absolute worst plumbing issues homeowners need to beware of above all else is sewer line damage. This is not only an extremely unpleasant experience if the issue occurs, but it can also cause severe issues to the in-home plumbing fixtures and require extensive and expensive professional help.

Typically, sewer line damage may occur for a variety of different reasons. Some common causes include:

  • Pipe corrosion or clogging
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Tree root invasions

The symptoms of sewer line damage will be quite obvious to homeowners and will most certainly put a damper on summer fun. Homeowners will notice foul odors, improper water flow in the home, plumbing fixtures, drainage issues, and more. If homeowners suspect damage to their sewer lines, they should call for professional help immediately.

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